Opinion | Pop Culture
Declining Female HappinessSubscriber access only
A new study reveals that feminism may be the source of our discontent.
Opinion | Sexuality
The Cult of the OrgasmSubscriber access only
Thinking Christianly about the vibrator boom and unsatisfied sexual desire.
Opinion | Sexuality
Jodie Foster's Confession (No, Not That One) Made Her My Hero Subscriber access only
Relating to a frank and fragile voice of loneliness
Opinion | Pop Culture
It's Inevitable: We're Human, We're Christian, and We're LonelySubscriber access only
How an over-connected, over-independent culture keeps us from the intimacy we all crave.
Opinion | Sexuality
Asking Too Much of Marriage
We can't expect our spouses to solve all our problems.
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Still Restless, Though I Rest in TheeSubscriber access only
'Mad Men' reminds of a universal truth and an abiding hope.
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Have Yourself a Merry Little FriendsmasSubscriber access only
The holidays can be hard. Don’t spend them alone.
Cohousing: The New American FamilySubscriber access only
How alternative forms of living are changing communities, challenging the church, and keeping millennials in the fold.
Opinion | Discipleship
Blessed Are the Unsatisfied
We often assume that loneliness and dissatisfaction are symptoms of spiritual failure. But what if they’re signs of healthy faith?
How Single Women Help New Moms Make It Through
Their unexpected ministry cuts across life stages.