Kay Warren: 'We Were in Marital Hell'
Through God's work in our lives, we've beaten the odds that divorce would be the outcome of our ill-advised union.
The deepest place of confusion and internal struggle for me as a teenager was finding pornography at the home of neighbors where I babysat. How can I look at pornography?
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Parenting in a Porn-Saturated WorldSubscriber access only
It’s addictive, has devastating consequences, and nearly all of our kids will be exposed to it. What can we do?
While some studies indicate the average age children first view pornography is between 11 and 13, a growing number of experts believe this number is changing.
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Why You Can’t Name the Virtues
Our culture has abandoned a wealth of teaching on character formation. Let’s revive these lost arts.
Sexual promiscuity, pornography, abortion, divorce, materialism, racism, and countless other ills so permeate our culture—even among the churched—that they seem to be the rule
Q+A: The Secret Lives of Teens OnlineSubscriber access only
The conversation about the pornification of social media is long overdue.
Pornography really is central to what's going on with girls and social media,” journalist and author Nancy Jo Sales told me in a phone conversation from her Manhattan apartment.
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When Internet Filters Are Not EnoughSubscriber access only
Because ten is too young to lose your innocence
his exploration. Jacob's introduction to pornography—a word he'd never even heard or used before—is fairly typical for children and teens today. No
How to Binge Watch Like a Believer
The acclaimed cultural critic Andy Crouch says parents, not kids, are the key to a tech-wise family.
Crouch spoke recently with CT about Internet pornography (and why filters aren't enough), the future of biologically engineered human beings, and why developing character virtues in
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I’m Not Called to Keep My Kids from Danger
I can’t keep my kids safe. But I can prepare them for a life of faithfulness.
I fear the pressures of secularism, campus rape, cell phone addiction, pornography, consumerism, disordered eating, greed, loneliness, loss of faith, underage drinking, drugs, campus
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Porn and the Singleness PanicSubscriber access only
Why the state of marriage doesn’t mean we lower our standards.
Flickr. In a society that largely champions sexual expression, including pornography, it is heartening to hear someone acknowledge its detriments. That's
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Finding Healing in Front of the CameraSubscriber access only
A Christian considers the benefits of boudoir photography.
While most boudoir photography is done in a “tasteful” style (without the full nudity or sex acts found in erotica and pornography), the style is undeniably sexy and often revealing.
After Childhood Abuse, How Can I Trust Others with My Kids?Subscriber access only
I equip my daughters to protect themselves and their bodies in ways I didn’t learn to.
What images (and God forbid, touches) might be lurking, waiting to take their innocence? God help us. We live in a country where kids' online exposure to pornography is on the rise.
The New Face of InfidelitySubscriber access only
What lures Christians to cheat?
Millennials have grown up in a culture where the average age for children to be first exposed to pornography has crept younger and younger (today it's at age 11).
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One Last Thing: The Christian Porn SecretSubscriber access only
Novel skips pat answers and focuses on healing in community.
Gina Dalfonzo. Image: Mark Guim / Flickr. Imagine that weeks before your wedding, you walked in on your fiancé, an upstanding Christian man, watching pornography.
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Making Married Sex Mutual
Pervasive ideologies distort our view of female sexuality. God’s Word shows us a better way.
The increase in deviant sexual practices adds another layer of complexity to our pursuit of whole and holy sex. Pornography use continues to escalate.
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The Secret Women's Porn ProblemSubscriber access only
We may not talk much about women’s addiction to erotica, but it’s happening.
happening. Trillia Newbell, guest writer. Image: Bruno Passigatti / iStock. It's difficult to find concrete numbers on women's pornography viewership. We
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Your Husband Looks at Porn: Now What?Subscriber access only
Advice from a husband and counselor on how to respond when your spouse is struggling
Schaumburg. Typically the event doesn't start with a confession but by discovering your husband has a secret problem with lust, masturbation, or pornography.
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Porn: Women Use it TooSubscriber access only
Getting to the root of women’s sexual addictions
emotional, not physical. “There's a longing for intimacy and affection she is trying to fulfill when she engages in pornography, masturbation. It provides
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Subjectivity Overload Subscriber access only
The problem with sentimentality, porn, and emotion for emotion’s sake.
Catholic novelist and short story writer Flannery O'Connor offered a startling similarity between sentimentality and pornography. It is an indulgence like that offered by pornography.
Are We Distracting Ourselves to Death?Subscriber access only
How technology-driven "hyperreality" hijacks our attention and makes us numb to real-life dangers.
Reality, Eco says, “no longer stirs the imagination.”. Eco's analysis helps explain why the simulation of sex offered by pornography is increasingly replacing real relationships.
God Will Give You the Words, So Don't Steal TheseSubscriber access only
Plagiarism offends the original author and the Author of all.
of the availability of source material in the digital age does not lessen its wickedness, any more than the ready availability of porn in the digital age does not turn pornography into a
'Hillbilly Elegy' Hits Close to Home
What J. D. Vance’s book taught me about my own painful past in rural America.
Nonetheless, a cursory look at my family yields a long list of sins and indiscretions: tax fraud, refusal to pay debts, child pornography, homosexuality, adultery, abandonment