Why Prayer Is Still Public Schools’ Best Hope
The founder of Teachers Who Pray calls public education “America’s biggest mission field.”
interview. Why Prayer Is Still Public Schools' Best Hope. When did you become first aware of the power of prayer? I was in the third grade and my dad was a national semi-truck driver.
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Fleming Rutledge: Why Being ‘Spiritual’ Is Never Enough
Americans increasingly identify as “spiritual but not religious.” Radical faith goes beyond both.
of human wishes and desires onto a god or gods who require ritual, worship, prayer, sacrifice, and Spirituality, too, like religion, is essentially a human activity or trait that stands in stark
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How Female Missionaries and Evangelists Paved the Way for #MeToo
As we look to the future of women, the past offers a map.
key characteristics in common: First, they were women of prayer. Prayer is a consistent motif in the stories of these remarkable women. It informed their
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Stepping Back Before Speaking Out
In solitude, we turn our face toward God who so loves this world.
In solitude, we turn our face toward God who so loves this world.
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Give Thanks for What Others Have That You Don’t
This Thanksgiving, praise God for other people’s blessings—even the ones you wish for.
Megan Hill. Facebook. Image: Prixel Creative / Lightstock. One Wednesday night some years ago, I sat in a church prayer meeting next to Mandy, a single mom and dear friend.
How to Do Kids’ Discipleship in the Woods
Creation care does more than conservation. It cultivates faith formation, says A Rocha.
in children's ministry that we condescend to kids and treat them like their spirituality is something to give kids the space they need to sit with their thoughts and with Scripture or in prayer.
How BSF Saved Sandi Patty
In her new book, “The Voice,” the award-winning singer reflects on Bible Study Fellowship’s role in her faith formation.
pursue that person. Bev pursued me with prayer and then additionally with phone calls, questions, and notes of encouragement. This eventually convinced
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I Found Hope in My Husband’s Chronic Illness
Disability changed our family. It also brought us closer to these three Christian truths.
creates urgency where there was none. We are driven to vigilant prayer, scriptural study, Communion, even to fasting. The experience can be poignant
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How to Stay Married When You’re Stuck Between Needy Teens and Aging Parents
When my father fell ill, these three tools helped sustain my faith—and my marriage.
music. Those solitary spaces of prayer and reflection—infrequent as they were—buoyed my spirit and spilled over into my relationship with my husband.
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The Dead White Man Who Could Fix Our Race Problem: Oswald Chambers
As a black woman wrestling with racism in America, I lean on a Scottish theologian’s four key insights.
1. Get on our knees. Tarry there, indeed. When race matters confound us, our biggest deficit, Chambers would argue, is in our prayer lives. “We do not
She Shaped Me: 10 Exemplars of Faith
Christian leaders reflect on the women from history who’ve influenced them.
“If there be any reserve in my giving to Him who so loved that He gave His Dearest to me; if there be a secret 'but' in my prayer, 'anything but And that then is love—and, also, it is prayer.”.
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How to Evangelize Your LGBT Neighbors
When Christians live communally, outsiders find intimacy within the family of God.
Make it a place where the day closes with a meal for all, and with Bible reading and prayer, and where unbelievers are invited to hear the words of grace and salvation, where children
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Jackie Hill Perry: You Are Not Your Temptations
Three insights for understanding same-sex attraction and sanctification.
has commanded. This happens in the context of community, with much prayer, and with consistent, thoughtful internalizing of the Word of God. Below
Rethinking Apologetics for the Black Church
“Black people in the inner city need apologetics, but black people in the suburbs do, too,” says apologist Lisa Fields.
When I was in undergrad, I prayed that God would send reform to black church spaces, and I wanted to be part of it. Now I'm seeing that prayer being answered.
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How Fiction Fueled Madeleine L’Engle’s Faith
How does a lonely kid understand that she’s loved by God? An author’s childhood holds the answer.
we can't grasp the metaphors of Jesus's parables; we can't practice empathy by seeing things from someone else's perspective, nor picture the people we're interceding for in prayer.
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12 Podcasts for Your Summer Listening List
A dozen women weigh in with their favorite podcasts on practicing the Sabbath, the science of pianos, and other topics worth talking about this summer.
for their children. This area of prayer and fretting may be particularly acute for parents like me, who are raising children with special needs. So when
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Pilgrim’s Progress: How Restlessness Leads Us to Jesus
Exile is part of the Christian experience. But our wandering is not without a destination.
faithful Christian pilgrim. Spiritual pilgrimage describes the pursuit of communion with God through prayer, solitude, and contemplation. While moral
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Blessed Are the Unsatisfied
We often assume that loneliness and dissatisfaction are symptoms of spiritual failure. But what if they’re signs of healthy faith?
turned into a ministry to others like us. I studied the Bible, spent a lot of time in prayer, and served in the church. These years later, however, I'm still not
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A Woman’s Guide to Seminary
Ministry is serious business. These 9 steps are key to pursuing your training.
Finally, ask him to guide and lead you, and then trust that he will. Let Psalm 138 be your prayer: “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.
10 New or Lesser-Known Female Theologians Worth Knowing
More and more evangelical women are pursuing higher education in theology. Here are a few you haven’t heard of yet.
Shawna's work is bathed in prayer, and her love for God's people is evident in all she does.”. Elizabeth “Lisa” Yao-Hwa Sung, professor of theology at the University of St.