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Why Your Deflated Retirement Dream Might Be God’s Open Door
After losing my safety net, I see retirement as meaningful vocation, not permanent vacation.
Opinion | Discipleship. Why Your Deflated Retirement Dream Might Be God's Open Door. After losing my safety net, I see retirement as meaningful vocation, not permanent vacation.
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Your Best Years Are Not Behind You
God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones.
But retirement as a concept is barely mentioned in the Bible (excepting those Levite priests in Numbers 8:24–25). Regarding age, God doesn't seem to care.
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Karen Swallow Prior: Sin Is Like Walking in Front of a Bus
What my recent accident taught me about repentance.
record of wrongs against women. But at the same time, he'd also been given a generous retirement package and a title of honor. Thousands of women in
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What the New Midlife Crisis Means for Christian Women
Middle-aged women contending with stress can find solace in this gospel message.
The fear and anxiety we carry about the future—our children or our barrenness, our strained marriages or the uncertainty of singleness, our retirement accounts or lack thereof—can be
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Never on Pause
In seasons of unpaid work or at-home care, your calling is still significant.
Seasons of unpaid labor in a woman's life (whether it be serving as a stay-at-home mom, a caregiver to an elderly parent, or volunteering during retirement) do not lessen the
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Dispatches from Charlottesville: What Happens When Neo-Nazis Are Outside Your Church Doors
The protesters came with torches. We sang, “This Little Light of Mine.”
Rotunda. On a normal Sunday, St. Paul's is not quite full, its pews spotted with students, families, and retirement-age folks—all mostly white. But that
Survey: Being a Pastor’s Wife Is Good for Faith, Bad for Friendship
Though expectations have shifted, spouses still feel the weight of church drama.
half (61%) say one paycheck is not enough. About two-thirds worry about retirement in particular. More pastors' spouses now work outside the home
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Middle-Aged Women Face a Crisis of Discipleship
Are churches missing out on discipling those in midlife?
Are churches missing out on discipling those in midlife?
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The Pro-Life Call to Remember our ‘Old Acquaintance’Subscriber access only
Seeing the aged as a blessing rather than a burden.
elderly will have an economic impact on the rest of us, as an aging population produces a rise in the “older dependency ratio.” Once the Baby Boomers all reach retirement age, experts
Who Will Love My Child When I Am Gone?
Parents of children with disabilities grapple with an uncertain future.
launch of a child into independent young adulthood means a return to work, fuller devotion to an already established career, or a deeper relationship with a spouse during retirement.
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Moses and Jesus Didn’t Have Their Dream Jobs By 30, EitherSubscriber access only
Calling may look more like a wandering journey than a singular career path.
stability. When will we start saving, investing in our retirement, or settling down to buy a house and start a family? They have some legitimate concerns.
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Long Way from Home: The Housing Crisis Lingers OnSubscriber access only
The painful effects of foreclosure and short sale stay with us.
shredded that script. As my husband nears retirement age, we are trying to make sense of the best use of the resources we do have. While our credit
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Sex, Drugs, and Getting OldSubscriber access only
The cost of turning to prescriptions promising to keep us young.
marathoners and actresses who are “sexy at 60” have replaced the last generation's norm of genderless, thick-waisted, polyester-clad grandparents playing bingo in the retirement home
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Christ’s Labor on the CrossSubscriber access only
Seeing Easter as a birth story.
In the early 18th century, the Puritan minister Cotton Mather published Elizabeth in Her Holy Retirement, a long essay that urged women to spend their pregnancies preparing spiritually
China on the Move: The Great Gospel MigrationSubscriber access only
For separated families, Lunar New Year reunions mean more than ever.
Individuals inherit their designation as either “rural” or “urban” residents, which determines where they can access government benefits for education, healthcare, and retirement.
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Parented by GrandparentsSubscriber access only
The challenges of caretaking in middle age present new opportunities for outreach.
In addition, the financial stresses of becoming a custodial grandparent at or near retirement can add new layers of complexity to a time when older adults navigate a maze of paperwork
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Forgiving My Pastor, Mark DriscollSubscriber access only
As God rebuilds, I see Mars Hill shift its focus to love.
focus on similar character flaws of pride. He healed and returned to minister to his church until retirement. When Pastor Mark presented his statement
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How Poor Could They Be? Subscriber access only
On going broke and getting judged.
And when the last bit of the retirement accounts, the college accounts, the savings accounts are sucked dry, when creditors hound, when we're overwhelmed with sending our resumes
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Exposing the Sins of the Baby BoomersSubscriber access only
My grandfather left me enough to buy a minivan. I can barely leave my kids with enough to buy a tricycle.
I'm wrestling with these questions. And the reality is that many of my age peers are heading into retirement with hummingbird-sized nest eggs. According
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The Divine Grace of the IRSSubscriber access only
Seriously. God’s help comes from the weirdest places.
We both looked for work or more work to cover our ever-mounting bills and deep medical debt. Over time, we eventually depleted our retirement accounts, all built on pre-tax money.