CT Women’s Top 10 Articles of 2018
Why being ‘spiritual’ is never enough, how Kate Bowler experienced Christ in her cancer, and 10 lessons from same-sex abuse inside the church.
A dozen women weigh in with their favorite podcasts on practicing the Sabbath, the science of pianos, and other topics worth talking about this summer.
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12 Podcasts for Your Summer Listening List
A dozen women weigh in with their favorite podcasts on practicing the Sabbath, the science of pianos, and other topics worth talking about this summer.
A dozen women weigh in with their favorite podcasts on practicing the Sabbath, the science of pianos, and other topics worth talking about this summer. Opinion | Pop Culture.
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God Called Me to Quit My Job. But Did I Trust Him Without a Paycheck?
A round-the-world research trip is teaching me the power of God's provision.
When the Israelites needed food in the desert, God gave them daily manna. If they hoarded it for the next day, he made it spoil (except on the Sabbath).
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Lent, Unplugged
In a time of digital consumption, here’s how the church can lead the way on healthy media fasting.
The National Day of Unplugging and its guiding project, the Sabbath Manifesto, invites us to join their eighth observance from sundown Friday, March 3 to sundown Saturday, March 4
How Sewing Saved My Sanity
I took up quilting as a hobby. I had no idea it would become a tool for soul care.
I have started to realize that, for me, the idleness of quilting has another name: Sabbath. Sabbath exists to re-situate humans in time, writes Abraham Heschel in The Sabbath.
Q+A: Why Letting the Dishes Go Can Save Your Soul
In her latest book, Shauna Niequist trades “competition, comparison, and exhaustion for meaning, connection, and unconditional love."
I talked recently with Niequist about “fake resting,” practicing the Sabbath (for real), and how as a teenager her parents freed her from being “the perfect pastor's kid.” Half an hour into
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Lord, Save Me from My Side Hustle
Hard work is a virtue. But Scripture warns of its vice.
Hard work is a virtue. But Scripture warns of its vice.
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What the New Midlife Crisis Means for Christian Women
Middle-aged women contending with stress can find solace in this gospel message.
added to the burden. The flurry of “you should trust, pray, observe the Sabbath, and be at home with your kids more” feedback isn't helping. “If I have
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How Jesus Discipled Women
In a patriarchal culture, Jesus showed his followers a radically different way to relate and lead.
was present when Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus hastily placed Jesus' body in the tomb; and she was one of the first at the tomb to anoint Jesus' body when the Sabbath ended.
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Give Your Kids the Gift of Absence
Time and attention are not the only ways to bless our children.
kids. Self-care forces me to admit my humanity, my neediness, and my limitations. It echoes the invitation God offers us through the Sabbath. As Barbara
God Wants You to Get Some Sleep
Our restless generation is missing out on the spiritual benefits of shuteye.
spend in bed. In The Rest of God, pastor Mark Buchanan notes that by starting at sunset, sleep kicks off each biblical Sabbath. Liberty University English
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The Universal Call to ‘Mothering Like Christ’Subscriber access only
Childbirth illustrates the life-giving sacrifice of body, mind, and soul that applies to us all.
hearts, and bodies. “Being a body is intimately bound up with being a follower of God,” Lauren Winner says in Mudhouse Sabbath. “The New Testament
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The End of ListsSubscriber access only
#14: Write article. #15: Call friends. #16: Clean the bathroom.
4: Rest. The fourth commandment, “Remember to observe the Sabbath Day by keeping it holy,” can be easily overlooked (Exodus 20:8). We don't want to be legalistic, right?
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Ambition: It’s for Women TooSubscriber access only
We’re often forced to choose between devotion and drive. Why?
done, to trust in God's provision. The Sabbath reminds us every week that our livelihood is found in God, not in our own efforts. But there will also be
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It's Time for Busy Ladies to Give It a RestSubscriber access only
How to find the downtime you never realized you had.
considers the need for connecting through Christian community (both virtual and in real time), as well as for finding time for prayer and observing a day of Sabbath rest, something many
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Shauna Niequist: Good Friends Feed Our SoulsSubscriber access only
Building strong relationships takes time. And lots of snacks.
The other faces around the table are guides to me: teaching me how to pray, how to forgive myself, how to practice Sabbath and dwell deeply with God through prayer.
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The Most Influential Reformer You've Never Heard ofSubscriber access only
Hannah More shows us what happens when Christians focus on world-changing instead of in-fighting.
trade, enacting animal welfare laws, establishing Sunday Schools, enacting prison reforms, increasing literacy among the poor, and promoting observance of the Sabbath (the only day
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The Christian F-WordSubscriber access only
Letting go of our outdated fear of feminism.
He spoke in public with a Samaritan woman, a double blow against her for a male Jew. He healed the woman bent double on the Sabbath, calling her a "daughter of Abraham.".
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The Sunday Sports DilemmaSubscriber access only
The practice young athletes really need? Worship.
time. And the question is not merely how to squeeze a worship service into our busy weekend, but how to obey the God who requires a Sabbath. Parents
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Secular People Need Sabbaths, TooSubscriber access only
Internet fasting. Experiments in chastity. Meatless Mondays. Nonreligious people are seeing the personal benefits of Christianity, even if they don't have the whole story.
Amy Julia Becker. It's taken years for me to integrate Sabbath-keeping into my week. The laundry can wait. American culture doesn't share my family's appreciation for the Sabbath.