A New Guild Aims to Equip Women and Amplify Orthodoxy
An interview with Pelican Project members Karen Swallow Prior, Kristie Anyabwile, and Tish Harrison Warren.
Our conversation pointed to a need for more unity around the essentials of the faith. And then I kept hearing from more pastors and leaders expressing similar concerns.
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Give Thanks for What Others Have That You Don’t
This Thanksgiving, praise God for other people’s blessings—even the ones you wish for.
11–12). He asks the Father to grant them unity, though he himself will be abandoned and betrayed by those closest to him (John 17:20–23). He asks
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King’s Dream Succeeds If We Study the Bible
Cross-racial partnerships only have lasting power if they’re rooted in Scripture.
mind, facilitators will need to reflect on our complex, collective history—which includes slavery, immigration injustices, and other issues—as a way to propel the conversation toward unity
God Calls Me to Motherhood and Art. How Do I Do Both?
The cofounder of a new art and vocation institute in South Carolina aims to address the intersection of faith, family, creativity, and calling.
I began to realize, too, that my vocation as a mother and my vocation as an artist had the same person—God—calling me. There's a unity to my different vocations.
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When Marriage Interferes with Your GoalsSubscriber access only
Does submission mean sacrifice?
In the early hours of matrimony, when every face is painted with a smile and endorphins are passed around like candy, unity is an easy choice. But like
When You've Been Wronged
Is forgiveness more important than justice?
I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one—I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity” (vv. 20–23).
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Online Tribalism Threatens Women’s Ministry
From our special issue: reflections on discipleship in a fractured age.
It's precisely this attention to doctrine—and not our personal identities or preferences—that may help women's ministries thread the needle between maintaining group unity while still
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When Your Marriage Doesn't Measure UpSubscriber access only
Comparing your husband to others may be killing your relationship.
Genesis 2:24 says, “This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” Unity is God's plan for your marriage.
The Great Female Commission
Mentorship expert Natasha Sistrunk Robinson on how to draw all women into the work of discipleship.
are different. The triune God that we serve models unity and diversity. God the different responsibilities. And this is the unity that God calls us to. “Do nothing
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Making Married Sex Mutual
Pervasive ideologies distort our view of female sexuality. God’s Word shows us a better way.
Making love is creating unity. . . . A man that seeks a sexual experience or simple pleasure is not creating unity. He is meeting a need for release or relief or pleasure. It is not oneness. .
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Never on Pause
In seasons of unpaid work or at-home care, your calling is still significant.
Knowing this, we can see all tasks—even the most humdrum— as useful to God's purpose of bringing “unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ” (Eph. 1:10).
5 Female Change Makers
Meet the nonprofit leaders featured in our special issue.
everything. It is about relying on those that know more than you in a given area, learning to trust one's team, and focusing on fostering unity,” Baingana said.
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How to Talk About Race with Your Kids
Children naturally notice differences—and that is a good thing.
Whether we or our children are the victims of racism or have ever taken part in perpetrating it, we can learn from the example of Christ and strive for forgiveness, reconciliation, and unity.
Latasha Morrison: The Church Is the ‘Only Place Equipped to Do Racial Reconciliation Well’
The founder of Be the Bridge reveals her vision for solving America's race problem.
in size and now serves the local church by providing curricula and other tools that encourage bridge builders to “[foster and develop] vision, skills, and heart for racial unity.” “I see
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When Mother’s Day Feels Like a Minefield
Let's reimagine ways we can honor mothers without wounding others.
emotion. What all mothers and women need on Mother's Day is the same thing the church needs every day: that we “keep the unity of the Spirit” (Eph.
The 5 Truths Stay-at-Home and Working Moms Can Agree On
After interviewing 120 women, I saw glimmers of a truce in the Mommy Wars.
And in a moment of US history when political and cultural divisions run deeper than perhaps ever, unity on what matters most offers a gospel witness.
I'm a Conservative Married to a Liberal
The gospel gives us guidelines for how to navigate our differences.
We have an opportunity in our relationships with one another to model the unity that only his love can bring. Why? Because we share a higher goal. Christ offers that kind of unity.
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Believers in the Midst of a Political BreakdownSubscriber access only
How do we proclaim the unity of Christ in a country divided?
How do we proclaim the unity of Christ in a country divided? Catherine McNiel, guest writer. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace" (Eph.
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Sibling Rivalry: From Childhood to the Church
Will they—or will we—ever stop fighting?
unique companions on this earthly pilgrimage. Still, the unity that comes from Christian brotherhood is not a sentimental one. It is one that requires more
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We Need Mentors in Our Spiritual Lives, TooSubscriber access only
Diverse relationships within the church help teach and train.
eternally grateful. Mary and I had many personality differences, but we continued in our relationship by embracing unity or oneness in our diversity. Because