Q&A: Ministering to Gang Members Is God’s Work
Why a juvenile justice advocate builds relationships with Chicago’s most vulnerable young men.
Once he completed parole, I was going to take him to the Urban Youth Workers Conference to be very, very intentional about having the courage to step back in the midst of ministry.
Rethinking Apologetics for the Black Church
“Black people in the inner city need apologetics, but black people in the suburbs do, too,” says apologist Lisa Fields.
identity group Hebrew Israelites, but one of the things I try to highlight about the Jude 3 Project is that we don't just do urban apologetics. It sounds like listening is key to your ministry.
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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself—And Bring Your Kids Along
Raising children to love like Jesus did.
Wallace—a missionary with the organization InnerCHANGE, which works among the urban poor—believes be a common belief: It's fine and good to pursue lives of ministry and justice
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Junk for Jesus
Scripture invites us to give our firstfruits, not our fourthfruits.
And what was left over—the fourths—was given to a ministry called “Jehovah Jireh, God the Provider.”. In the wash station, when asked about a wormy
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How Discipleship Is Transforming Nairobi, One Woman at a Time
Women in urban East Africa face challenges that are both unique and universal.
Opinion | Discipleship. How Discipleship Is Transforming Nairobi, One Woman at a Time. Women in urban East Africa face challenges that are both unique and universal.
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Bright Lights, Big CitiesSubscriber access only
Shifting demographics broaden opportunities for urban and suburban Christians.
It's not that urban ministry is in need of a critique, or that we need to pit cities and suburbs against one another, but changing demographics require us to see that both contexts are
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Searching for Christian Heroines from History? Look to the Early Church
How women were instrumental to the rise of Christianity.
Almost 15 years later and on the cusp of doctoral work, I was approached by Sarah, a 20-year-old pastor's daughter, after a service at my small urban church in Aurora, Illinois.
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When Rural Traditions Get Hipster CredSubscriber access only
Food trends overlook the economic pressures of their origins.
you'll have to marry a doctor.” I ended up marrying a pastor who is called to rural ministry. And in federal studies, rural poverty rates have always outpaced those in urban communities.
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No More All-White Conference LineupsSubscriber access only
#SpeakersofColor share their tips for ensuring diversity.
When participating in a conference about mission, urban ministry, reconciliation, and global justice, we need to hear from the Christians who are most affected by those issues.
Amena Brown Q+A: Poetry in an Age of Lament
How the spoken-word poet uses art to speak truth about race, faith, and womanhood.
She participates in the Atlanta poetry scene at Urban Grind Coffee and Java Monkey and over the And c) reconciliation is a ministry, and the ministry of reconciliation is for all of us as
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We’re Not Getting Any Younger
Our culture loves youth and fears age. Here’s what faith has to say.
As blogger Tim Urban puts it, “Social media creates a world where A) what everyone else is doing is out in the open, B) most people present an inflated version of their own existence
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When God Puts Your Dreams on HoldSubscriber access only
Living with an unfulfilled calling
We wanted to move near downtown Indianapolis and create a contemplative retreat center in an urban neighborhood. I'd written a ministry plan, networked with lots of people, talked it
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Blessed Are the AgnosticsSubscriber access only
How I learned to see my unbelieving husband through God’s eyes.
During college, he served in urban slums overseas, and after awhile, the violence and poverty he witnessed seemed incompatible with a just, loving God.
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Racial Reconciliation Knows No Borders Subscriber access only
How I came to see the church’s prophetic work on race as a global issue.
I found ourselves in the British city of Birmingham, the second most populous urban area in the is also an author, speaker and thought leader with over 25 years of ministry experience in
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America’s Reading Crisis Is Much Worse Than You ThinkSubscriber access only
A teacher's plea for the church to give the gift of literacy.
Kate. I spent my first year out of college teaching social studies in an urban Title I middle school. Sara Kay Mooney is a teacher librarian at a large, urban, Title I Middle School.
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Code-Switching for the KingdomSubscriber access only
Sometimes the gospel sounds like, “Nobody can do me like Jesus.”
Growing up out (in a rural area), I did not learn what we typically consider 'urban code.' Coming to California was my first introduction, and I definitely wanted to speak the code at first
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Why Bankrupt Detroit Needs Art More than EverSubscriber access only
Seeing God’s design in blighted neighborhoods.
Seeing God's design in blighted neighborhoods.
Christine Caine, Liberty University to Launch ‘Lean In’-Type Program for Christian WomenSubscriber access only
Propel calls on the church to equip and validate working women.
featuring inspirational videos, industry-specific articles, mentorship pipelines, and urban events to sensed something missing from the training—a giant “gap” in women's ministry.
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What Christians Can Learn from the Chicago Teacher StrikesSubscriber access only
Lessons gleaned from the uproar now that Chicago students are back in class.
area of ministry, but meet together regularly to communicate needs and successes. And they have plenty of successes. Blighted buildings are being restored or removed. An urban farm
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Changing Depictions, Changing PerceptionsSubscriber access only
Bridging the gap between female stereotypes and real women starts in our heads, not stock photography.
in Chicago establishing a food pantry and vocational center for the urban poor. Mentoring also helps younger leaders understand how to integrate ministry and family life effectively.