For Christian Women, Persecution Looks Like Rape
Around the globe, female followers of the faith suffer sexual violence, forced marriage, forced abortions, travel bans, and trafficking.
Around the globe, female followers of the faith suffer sexual violence, forced marriage, forced abortions, travel bans, and trafficking. Reporting. For Christian
Prison Was My First Pulpit
Linda Barkman was incarcerated after the man she lived with murdered her toddler. But she turned hardship into ministry.
Linda Barkman was incarcerated after the man she lived with murdered her toddler. But she turned hardship into ministry.
Violence Against Women Begins in the Womb
Why female feticide threatens the social order.
Reporting. Violence Against Women Begins in the Womb. Why women. Sex-selective abortions perpetrate violence against the most vulnerable, unseen victims.
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How Southern Baptist Leaders Aided My Escape from Abuse
Christian men helped me end a violent marriage. Their voices matter now more than ever.
A few weeks ago, Paige Patterson's comments on domestic violence went public, setting off a Twitterstorm of condemnation and support. “God hates violence.
Women Speak Up in #SilenceIsNotSpiritual Campaign
Leaders from Lynne Hybels to Jen Hatmaker want evangelical churches to take a more proactive position on behalf of victims.
A new campaign called #SilenceIsNotSpiritual calls on evangelical congregations and leaders to speak up and act on behalf of victims of gender-based violence, who fear their stories
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God’s Message to #MeToo Victims and Perpetrators
Scripture offers a radical framework for understanding anger and forgiveness.
stood in line to speak with me after my workshop, “Is Christianity Good for Women?” They thanked me for tackling difficult passages in Scripture involving violence against women and
Why Gen Z’s Call for ‘Safe Spaces’ Is Good News for Churches
New expectations may shift youth group conversations, but Christ still provides the answer.
The youth movement against gun violence reflects broader desires for safety and risk aversion among Generation Z—some of the characteristics making them distinct from even the
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Black and Blue WifeSubscriber access only
My husband was a minister and I held graduate degrees—yet our “Christian” marriage was full of abuse.
This was my older sister's shocked reaction when I spilled my secret over the phone and told her that, due to many years of domestic violence, I was separating from my husband of
God’s Mayor in Guatemala
Fighting cartels, disease, and poverty, Mayor Jeaneth Ordoñez presides over a safe haven in an otherwise violent region.
In the middle of this violence sits the town of San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán, a picturesque oasis of calm with a population of about 6,000 people. What
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The Case for an Early Christmas
Christian history gives us reason to see Advent and Christmas as coexistent, not separate.
We're invited to light candles in the darkness, to proclaim hope through the silence, and to embrace peace amidst the violence of a world in desperate need of a Savior.
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I Grew Up with Black Household Help
How I’m learning to name both the injustice and goodness of my childhood in the South.
When I later read Genesis as an adult, I realized the horror implicit within the story. The violence upon the earth was so great that God decided to reverse the initial act of creation.
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What the Kavanaugh Saga Says About Our View of Sin
Our political loyalties often prevent us from thinking biblically about the human condition.
condition. The Kavanaugh-Ford conversation strikes at the center of my work in the areas of law, pastoral ministry, and advocacy against sexual violence.
‘The Birth of a Nation’ Releases to Mixed Reviews and Moral Dilemmas
Things we’re reading and discussing this week.
She says the film asks whether violence. . . . is a reasonable means of social change without also considering the violence that is proposed, sanctioned, and institutionalized by the state.
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What We Can Learn from the NFL’s Domestic Violence ProblemSubscriber access only
Like NFL wife Dorothy Newton, many victims of abuse suffer in silence.
Opinion | Pop Culture. What We Can Learn from the NFL's Domestic Violence Problem. Like When the abuse gets physical, it's called domestic violence. The
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If Your Husband Hits YouSubscriber access only
A closer look at domestic violence
A closer look at domestic violence. Patricia Raybon. @PatriciaRaybon. Image: STEFANO TINTI / SHUTTERSTOCK. COM. Domestic violence is a crime, to be sure.
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12 Podcasts for Your Summer Listening List
A dozen women weigh in with their favorite podcasts on practicing the Sabbath, the science of pianos, and other topics worth talking about this summer.
A recent favorite of mine? Our discussion of the persistent violence against the Nigerian church. In “Nigerian Christians Are Exhausted From the Terror.
Q&A: Ministering to Gang Members Is God’s Work
Why a juvenile justice advocate builds relationships with Chicago’s most vulnerable young men.
If you think about how we feel overwhelmed by the violence, imagine how these families feel; they have no resources, no connections, and no God in their lives.
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‘Wild Wild Country’ Hits Close to Home
The new Netflix documentary reveals an uncomfortable truth about American religious innovation.
would be an exemplary community (a “city upon a hill,” if you will), and they were not the first American religious community willing to resort to surprising levels of violence; that story
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How Female Missionaries and Evangelists Paved the Way for #MeToo
As we look to the future of women, the past offers a map.
When I scroll through news stories about sexual violence and abuse against women, and as I listen to my students and friends speak about their experiences of harassment and abuse
Q&A: We Need a Christ-Centered Theology of Trauma
Therapist Hermeisha Hopson offers a clinically informed, scripturally sound approach to treating #MeToo victims and other survivors.
made national news. In our personal lives, too, we sometimes see firsthand accounts of domestic violence, child abuse, and other traumas. As the church