Opinion | former TCW issue
The List That Saved My MarriageSubscriber access only
What an inventory of my husband's shortcomings taught me
Opinion | Family
Prayer Primer for Parents
Learn the richness of this daily discipline with your child
Opinion | Pop Culture
Interracial and One in ChristSubscriber access only
Because of the gospel, our differences bring us together
Opinion | Sexuality
The Religion of The Bachelorette and Reality TV: Moralistic Therapeutic DeismSubscriber access only
Emily Maynard, who demonstrated a few evangelical signs, had a faith choice to make.
Opinion | Sexuality
The Gender Pay Gap: Not as Bad as You ThinkSubscriber access only
The major factor that recent reports fail to account for.
Opinion | Sexuality
When Breast Cancer Leaves You Grasping for WordsSubscriber access only
As a religion professor, I can talk about the big questions of life. Until now.
Opinion | Sexuality
Packing Heat and Trusting Providence: Why I Own a HandgunSubscriber access only
Being a pro-life woman means protecting my life, too.
Opinion | Sexuality
Listen Up, People: Remember Chick-fil-A Next Time You See Any BullyingSubscriber access only
We must speak up. For everyone.
Opinion | Family
Bowing Down to Your Birthing Ball?: Dismantling the Idol of the Perfect BirthSubscriber access only
Why God is to be more desired than an ideal birth experience.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Move Over, Michael Phelps. Missy Franklin Is Our New SweetheartSubscriber access only
How the 17-year-old gold medalist demonstrates a beautiful humility we all could harness.
Opinion | Church
Forget What Your Mom or Teacher Says—You Aren't So Special After AllSubscriber access only
And why this is very good news.
Opinion | Family
Asking Why After a Child's Accidental DeathSubscriber access only
Perhaps the most we're able to say this side of heaven is that a child's death doesn't make sense.
Opinion | Church
The Departure of Ann Curry and the Death of a DreamSubscriber access only
The gift that failure gives us.
Opinion | Sexuality
Sex and the Single Olympian: Lolo Jones Talks about Her VirginitySubscriber access only
The world-class runner shows that virginity isn't just for nerdy 18-year-olds—and that following God's plan for sexuality can be really hard.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Why Christians Could Use a Little AdventureSubscriber access only
What we can learn from Bob Goff's best-selling book, 'Love Does,' illustrating how to take "WWJD?" to new heights.
Opinion | Family
Tackling Doubt after Divorce: Not Your Typical Chick-Lit NovelSubscriber access only
Sarah Healy's 'Can I Get an Amen?' deals with faith and life in an honest, compelling way.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Where Was God When Lolo Jones Placed Fourth?Subscriber access only
We need a theology that accounts for Christian athletes' on-the-field failings.
Opinion | Discipleship
Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and the Nature of Women's WorkSubscriber access only
Christian theology says "yes" to both the embodied work of mothering and the disembodied work of running a Fortune 500 company.
Opinion | Sexuality
Lusting After Asparagus?: Our Culture's Food Porn ProblemSubscriber access only
What's wrong with ogling beautifully shot images of filet mignon and other rich foods? A lot, actually.
Opinion | Church
The Cynicism Trap: Why Trusting Fellow Christians Is a Spiritual DisciplineSubscriber access only
Even when our fellow Christians fail morally.