Opinion | Pop Culture
Where Was God When Lolo Jones Placed Fourth?Subscriber access only
We need a theology that accounts for Christian athletes' on-the-field failings.
Opinion | Pop Culture
God's Wrath and Natural Disasters: Whom Do We Blame? Subscriber access only
Social media and the sovereignty of God as Colorado's most destructive fire raged.
Opinion | Sexuality
Shouldn't a Ban on Sex-Selective Abortions in America Be a No-Brainer?Subscriber access only
In the war on women, two very different battles are being fought.
Opinion | Family
Breastfeeding in Church, and Other Petty CrimesSubscriber access only
The act of breastfeeding is a picture of the care God gives us.
Opinion | Family
The Untapped Potential of the At-Home MomSubscriber access only
With the right schedule, mothers can raise a family and pursue their career, too.
Opinion | Sexuality
Tattooed Barbie: You've Come a Long Way!Subscriber access only
Barbie is art imitating life (and vice-versa).
Opinion | Church
Michelle Van LoonSubscriber access only
First Dalit Woman Elected to India ParliamentSubscriber access only
Christian groups hope Meira Kumar will raise profile of India's Untouchables.
Opinion | Sexuality
2D Love and Lars and the Real GirlSubscriber access only
The Japanese phenomenon reveals a right human desire gone askew.
Opinion | Pop Culture
In the Loop: Christians in Court, Women in the Army, and Writing on FaithSubscriber access only
What the women's blog editors are reading today.
Opinion | Sexuality
Facebook Envy on Valentine's DaySubscriber access only
Social media have given single people one more way to be reminded of what they don't have.
Opinion | Discipleship
The Praying Artist: God Is My EditorSubscriber access only
How praying through my work changed me (Part 2).
Opinion | Sexuality
Why Dogs Should Be Sent to CourtSubscriber access only
Examining the case of Rosie, a golden retriever who sat beside a 15-year-old raped by her father.
Opinion | Sexuality
Confession: I Stopped Giving to the ChurchSubscriber access only
There's something psychologically important about writing a check and putting it in the plate.
Opinion | Sexuality
Saving the Life of a Shaken BabySubscriber access only
Byron and Susan Mondoks' adoption of their granddaughter, abused by her birth father, unearths the meaning of love in action.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Technology's Dark UnderbellySubscriber access only
A non-Luddite asks how media saturation shapes our minds and hearts.
Afghan Girls Poisoned for Attending SchoolSubscriber access only
Some Afghan groups believe educating girls is forbidden in Islam and corrosive to society.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Why I Can't Boycott Mel GibsonSubscriber access only
And it's not because he is "too talented," as 'Salon' wrote last week.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Freed by Bill Clinton, Saved by JesusSubscriber access only
'The World Is Bigger Now' recounts Christian journalist Euna Lee's imprisonment in a North Korean jail.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Churches: Take a Lesson from the Postal ServiceSubscriber access only
In today's change-or-die culture, we must adapt.