Opinion | Sexuality
Why Adult Coloring Works for ChristiansSubscriber access only
I mocked the coloring book trend, until I discovered it for myself.
Opinion | Sexuality
A New Frontier in Pro-Life Stem-Cell ResearchSubscriber access only
FDA-backed Georgia researchers hope stem cells from umbilical cord blood will effectively treat cerebral palsy.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Lady Gaga: Where's the Outrage?Subscriber access only
What happens when a pop culture phenomenon becomes a 'religious experience.'
Opinion | Sexuality
Redeeming Roman PolanskiSubscriber access only
Looking for a Christian response to a child rapist with powerful friends.
Opinion | Pop Culture
The No-Fault-Divorce NationSubscriber access only
As New York becomes the last state to legalize no-fault divorce, will Americans see a new chapter in our national marriage crisis?
Reporting | Discipleship
How the Iraq War Has Affected WomenSubscriber access only
The country now faces a large population of unmarried women, many of them widows. Are government-doled incentives for marrying widows a good economic strategy?
Opinion | Sexuality
Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman?Subscriber access only
Modern female superheroes barely stand for anything. It wasn’t always this way.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Questioning Scientology amid Katie Holmes's Divorce from Tom CruiseSubscriber access only
Why empathizing with Cruise isn't sympathy for the Devil.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Brené Brown: Why We Need to Own Our FailuresSubscriber access only
Our darkest chapters don’t require a Christian rewrite.
Reporting | Sexuality
Abortion Measures Move State-à-StateSubscriber access only
The shape of the abortion debate has shifted to state-level politics.
Opinion | Church
Why YOLO Is the New WWJDSubscriber access only
Might Christians learn something from the ridiculous catchphrase of 2012?
Opinion | Pop Culture
Why We Need Wonder Woman
Even when it falters, the new female-led film brings freshness to the superhero flick.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Fighting Injustice through ArtSubscriber access only
Iranian writers and filmmakers use media to address life and death in Iran.
Opinion | Sexuality
When Stem Cell Research Isn't EmbryonicSubscriber access only
Christians have reason to celebrate miracles of adult stem cell research.
Opinion | Church
Why I Envy Young NunsSubscriber access only
What a remarkably large class of young Catholic nuns-in-training taught this Protestant.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Superman Isn't JesusSubscriber access only
Hollywood's overblown superhero-savior parallels.
Opinion | Sexuality
Why Women Want SherlockSubscriber access only
Sherlock Holmes is not your typical TV hunk or superhero, but still has millions of female fans obsessed.
Reporting | Church
Juanita Bynum Returns to Conference StageSubscriber access only
Self-declared prophetess emerges after domestic abuse court case and TV circuit.
Opinion | Sexuality
China's Own Marriage CrisisSubscriber access only
Gender imbalance due to sex-specific abortions signals imminent crisis in the Chinese family.
Opinion | Sexuality
Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, and JesusSubscriber access only
In 'Unsqueezed', Margot Starbuck explores what shopping and eating to the glory of God looks like.