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Nutrition for Nascent Human LifeSubscriber access only
I'm grateful that the government helped feed my child; I'm less okay with asking it to erase inequality among all citizens.
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Obama: A Friend to Pro-Lifers?Subscriber access only
The President's outlined goals for reducing abortions are ones I can support—as long as he sticks to them.
Opinion | Sexuality
Is it a Sin to Nip and Tuck?Subscriber access only
Cosmetic surgery may be one more manifestation of Paul's warning about self-improvement.
Opinion | Sexuality
The Downside of Hooking UpSubscriber access only
The message of 'female sexual liberation' comes with a cost.
Opinion | Sexuality
Neda: More Than Her DeathSubscriber access only
Behind the stark symbol of her videotaped death is one vibrant life snuffed out and a family in mourning.
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Sarah Palin: Andrew Sullivan's Punching BagSubscriber access only
The last thing the former governor needs is journalists criticizing her for being true to her own life.
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Cohabiting Couples on the RiseSubscriber access only
The cultural trend isn't going away anytime soon. How should the church respond?
Opinion | Discipleship
Corrupt Clergy and ForgivenessSubscriber access only
Cases like last week's organ-brokering scandal in New Jersey leave no room for cheap grace.
Opinion | Pop Culture
So, How Are Those Summer Reading Lists Coming?Subscriber access only
How to read the Bible in an age of anxiety; plus three book reviews from Christine A. Scheller.
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Running in the Shadow of 9/11Subscriber access only
Much of my life has been lived in the kinetic shadow of New York City. Last weekend, I owned that city's streets for three hours.
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The Case for Male CircumcisionSubscriber access only
Why the arguments from sentiment and sexual pleasure don't cut it for me.
Opinion | Sexuality
U.K. Christian Says Yes to Abstinence, No to GardasilSubscriber access only
Should women like Simone Davis be required to take STD-preventing shots if they are not having sex?
Does Religiosity Encourage Teen Pregnancy?Subscriber access only
An interview with Joseph Strayhorn, the co-author of "Religion and Teen Pregnancy Rates."
Opinion | Family
A Tarnished Silver AnniversarySubscriber access only
What is destroying marriage in the Wes—and what has sustained my husband and me through several potentially marriage-destroying events.
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The Untold Story of Donor-Conceived ChildrenSubscriber access only
The next reproductive-technology issue coming to a church near you.
Live Action, Planned Parenthood, and a Year of ChangeSubscriber access only
Surveying two months of dramatic news on the abortion front in the U.S.
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Assaulted Woman to Be Kept Alive, Rules India CourtSubscriber access only
Until the story of Aruna Shanbaug, I had never heard the phrase "passive euthanasia," let alone grappled with whether or not I participated in it nearly 20 years ago.
Opinion | Pop Culture
How I Learned to Love a Show about Mormon PolygamySubscriber access only
Despite its troubling views on marriage and family, HBO's 'Big Love' always felt like an allegory for real people I know.
Opinion | Pop Culture
This Is Your Brain on EvangelicalismSubscriber access only
NPR reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty's Princeton lecture last week revealed a woman highly ambivalent about evangelical spirituality.
Opinion | Church
Penny Pinching as a Christian Virtue?Subscriber access only
The spiritual dimensions of frugal living.