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Time's Breast-Feeding Cover Adds Fuel to the Mommy WarsSubscriber access only
Why Christians, of all people, must call a truce and support moms—no matter their parenting style.
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Amid Bribery Scandal, Wal-Mart Contest Attracts ChristiansSubscriber access only
T. J. Foltz says his clean-water nonprofit works because 84 percent of Americans shop at the superstore chain.
Opinion | Sexuality
Should You Let Your Baby 'Cry It Out'? A Christian ResponseSubscriber access only
My "attachment parenting" is rooted less in outcome-based goals and more in God's example.
Opinion | Family
The Sin Behind My SwearingSubscriber access only
Cussing out the didgeridoo in front of 5 kids only illuminated a bigger problem.
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Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Children?Subscriber access only
Questions linger as last of Nadya Suleman's octuplets heads home.
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Artist Profile: Anna KocherSubscriber access only
The Philadelphia painter finds 'gritty physicality' in motherhood and in faith.
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Glow-in-the-Dark BarkSubscriber access only
Ruppy, the world's first transgenic dog, raises questions about the ramifications of genetic tinkering.
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Arts Funding Slashed in Economic CrunchSubscriber access only
But when children in my home state are going to bed hungry, maybe it's for the best.
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What to Do with Smoking MomsSubscriber access only
New research makes me reexamine smoking as a women's issue, and question when it's time to speak up.
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Top Clothing Lines Downsize Plus-Size OfferingsSubscriber access only
Which clothing lines are belt-tightening during the shrinking economy.
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Liberty University and the Liberty to DissentSubscriber access only
Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Virginia school revokes official recognition for both Democratic and Republican student clubs.
Opinion | Church
The Faith of Our MothersSubscriber access only
Surveying the countless women in history who lived audaciously for Christ, we have a tall order to fill.
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Of God and GalaxiesSubscriber access only
Now that the Cold War is over and we have an economic crisis on our hands, is space exploration still justified?
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The Horrors of 'Orphan'Subscriber access only
Christian ministry fears the film will stigmatize older adopted children.
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Breast-feeding Dolls: Cute or Creepy?Subscriber access only
I'm pretty ambivalent about Bebe Gloton, the world's first electronically nursing doll.
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Snakes, Spiders, and the Science of GenderSubscriber access only
Why do women tend to be more afraid of creepy crawlies than men?
Women Step to Frontline in Mideast ProtestsSubscriber access only
Women's political gains will be a litmus test for fledgling governments in Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain, says Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow.
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Baby Dies Aboard United Airways Flight: A ResponseSubscriber access only
In our eagerness to assign blame, mothers usually bear the brunt of tragedies like this.