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The Cynicism Trap: Why Trusting Fellow Christians Is a Spiritual DisciplineSubscriber access only
Even when our fellow Christians fail morally.
Opinion | Sexuality
Why Friends Disappear When You Reach MidlifeSubscriber access only
Why loneliness can plague women in their 50s.
Opinion | Family
A New Chapter in the Homeschooling MovementSubscriber access only
Homeschooling families will thrive if they work together, not maroon themselves on separate islands.
Opinion | Discipleship
Green with Housing Envy: Bursting the Bubble of Coveting My Neighbor's HomeSubscriber access only
The spiritual key to stop coveting a bigger and better home.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Voice of the Victims: Sex Abuse Survivors and the ChurchSubscriber access only
Tom White's recent suicide brings to light the priority of healing the abused over restoring the offender.
Opinion | Church
Why Nancy Sleeth Wants You to Be a Bit More AmishSubscriber access only
The message of 'Almost Amish' is, fittingly, simple: How we live matters.
Opinion | Sexuality
Is It a Sin to Look Your Age?Subscriber access only
How 'old is cold' stifles true beauty.
Opinion | Church
Learning the Spiritual Disciplines from a Mormon BloggerSubscriber access only
Jana Riess's Mormon background does not detract from Flunking Sainthood's message.
Opinion | Family
When Higher Education Is Neither: Why Should I Earn a Degree?Subscriber access only
Thoughts for adults considering returning to college in 2012.
Opinion | Church
Stop Turning Thanksgiving into a Facebook LikeSubscriber access only
Biblical gratitude is far more than an attitude.
Opinion | Sexuality
Holy Hot Flashes! A Spiritual Take on MenopauseSubscriber access only
How the mysterious life stage changes a woman's capacity to nurture others.
Opinion | Sexuality
Taking a Break from Your SpouseSubscriber access only
Research and experience confirm that time away from one's spouse actually strengthens the marital bond.
Opinion | Sexuality
When a Midlife Crisis Becomes SeriousSubscriber access only
And how the church can turn midlife into prime time for the entire community.
Opinion | Church
'Happy Holidays' in Church?Subscriber access only
While some Christian groups continue the battle over seasons-greetings language, I wonder if many churches are forsaking the reason for the season.
Opinion | Church
Where Are All the Women City Leaders?Subscriber access only
The way the Christian city-renewal movement is being narrated, one would assume all the leaders driving the movement are megachurch pastors.
Opinion | Sexuality
A Christian Woman's Midlife CrisisSubscriber access only
With the guidance of older, wiser mentors, women can face the existential angst of midlife hoping for a new identity in Christ, one stripped of status and comfort.
Opinion | Family
Raising Yeshua-Followers in the West BankSubscriber access only
Ariella, a Messianic Jew, raises four children amid violence in the Holy Land.
Opinion | Sexuality
Would Jesus Walk Away from a Mortgage?Subscriber access only
Reflections from an underwater home owner.
Opinion | Sexuality
My Father Was a Porn AddictSubscriber access only
The 'Playboys' lying on the coffee table were the tip of the iceberg in our home.
Opinion | Sexuality
Christ and My Curly HairSubscriber access only
Attempts to undo my wiry hairdo had grown to idolatrous proportions - and taken up three whole months of my life.