Opinion | Family
Tackling Doubt after Divorce: Not Your Typical Chick-Lit NovelSubscriber access only
Sarah Healy's 'Can I Get an Amen?' deals with faith and life in an honest, compelling way.
Opinion | Sexuality
Lee Grady Opens the Door for WomenSubscriber access only
The 'Charisma' editor says today's women should stop waiting for Prince Charming and get out into the mission field.
Opinion | Pop Culture
God's Wrath and Natural Disasters: Whom Do We Blame? Subscriber access only
Social media and the sovereignty of God as Colorado's most destructive fire raged.
Opinion | Church
Sara Zarr Talks Faith, Art, and Imperfect ChristiansSubscriber access only
'How to Save a Life', her newest novel for young adult readers, is about several lives that need saving.
Opinion | Sexuality
Go Marry, Young Man!Subscriber access only
Ted Cunningham argues that marrying young has its benefits.
Opinion | Family
Marital Rape Law Reconsidered in AfghanistanSubscriber access only
President Hamid Karzai agreed to review the law after outcries from Western agencies.
Opinion | Sexuality
Test Tube EthicsSubscriber access only
Some couples pay the hefty price of storing frozen embryos, despite increasing pressure to donate them for scientific research.
Opinion | Church
Author Interview: Elissa ElliottSubscriber access only
Her debut novel explores what the Book of Genesis would look like from the first woman's view.
First Dalit Woman Elected to India ParliamentSubscriber access only
Christian groups hope Meira Kumar will raise profile of India's Untouchables.
Opinion | Family
Breadwinning Moms and Stay-at-Home DadsSubscriber access only
Wheaton College English professor balances work and parenting as breadwinner.
Opinion | Sexuality
Nancy Guthrie: Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your SorrowSubscriber access only
Well acquainted with suffering, Guthrie offers Jesus' words of comfort in her most recent work.
Journalists Link Rising Teen Pregnancy Rates to Bush AdministrationSubscriber access only
Rates of teen pregnancy, STDs rose during 2006-2007. Does this mean abstinence education isn't working?
Opinion | Sexuality
Deciphering the Pennsylvania Gym ShootingSubscriber access only
What George Sodini's journal reveals about women and violence.
Opinion | Sexuality
A Good Man Is Hard to FindSubscriber access only
Early marriage sounds great—as long as there are mature Christian men willing to initiate.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Banned Books and BlasphemySubscriber access only
Being offended by the right things, and letting God handle the rest.
Opinion | Sexuality
Mixed Reports on AbortionSubscriber access only
The media reports on a new abortion study while "The Gray Lady" shows a different side of the debate.
Opinion | Pop Culture
Gimme that Christian Side HugSubscriber access only
The viral video has received some negative attention over the past few weeks. But the joke's on whom?
Opinion | Sexuality
'Bridesmaids,' Marriage, and Real HappinessSubscriber access only
Where are all the popular stories about happy single women?
Opinion | Sexuality
Facebook and the Amazing Technicolor Bra UpdateSubscriber access only
Does the bra-color meme—meant to raise cancer awareness—end up hurting women more than it helps them?
Opinion | Pop Culture
Reading to Enrich a Child's SoulSubscriber access only
In 'Read for the Heart', Sarah Clarkson wants to introduce families to good, true, and beautiful books.