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Your Best Years Are Not Behind You
God needs willing workers, not necessarily young ones.
This essay excerpt was adapted by permission from The Wonder Years: 40 Women Over 40 on Aging, Faith, Beauty, and Strength, edited by Leslie Leyland Fields, Kregel Publications
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Why Evangelism Requires Both Logic and Loveliness
An apologist argues that beauty and imagination are key to faith formation.
excerpt | Discipleship. Why Evangelism Requires Both Logic and Loveliness. An apologist argues that beauty and imagination are key to faith formation.
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‘Wonder’ Reveals the Face of True Human Strength
What the box-office hit tells us about beauty, weakness, and the imago Dei.
What the box-office hit tells us about beauty, weakness, and the imago Dei. The film is a reminder of the extraordinary gift of our humanity—both its brokenness and beauty.
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A Stroke Freed Me to Redefine Beauty
Former model Katherine Wolf reveals how a nearly fatal experience altered her faith.
interview | Discipleship. A Stroke Freed Me to Redefine Beauty. The former beauty queen, model, and mother to a then-six-month- old baby boy had to redefine her life.
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CT Women’s Top 10 Articles of 2017: Kay Warren, Joni Eareckson Tada, and More
Readers rank the best posts of the year.
7. A Stroke Freed Me to Redefine Beauty. The beauty of suffering at a young age is that it will inform the rest of my life as well as my husband and children's lives.
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Racial Difference Without Division
The power of an ethnicity-honoring witness.
It was instead being aware of my ethnicity: its beauty that God wants to affirm and amplify, and its brokenness of sin, idolatry, racism, and pain that he wants to heal.
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Save Your Soul: Start Gardening
For me, local creation care offers an antidote to cultural chaos.
redemptive work. Third, in a world that continues to stun us with harsh cruelty and chaos on every side, gardening offers us beauty and simplicity. Seven
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How to Get Our Girls Into Scripture
Erin Weidemann, founder of Bible Belles, wants to introduce young women to brave female role models.
Hanging out with kids all day, I thought, “I'm learning and growing closer to the Lord and learning more about him. What he says about beauty is the truth and needs to be our truth.”.
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Finding Healing in Front of the CameraSubscriber access only
A Christian considers the benefits of boudoir photography.
Given our current cultural context, in which many women feel pressure to attain an impossible beauty ideal, I love the idea of women pursuing boudoir shoots to embrace their bodies
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Why we champion Beautiful Orthodoxy
And through his grace and glory, we're invited to experience and share God's beauty. A beauty-focused gospel can easily become wispy and sentimental. The Playground.
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The Sweatiest Bible Class in America
Revelation Wellness puts Scripture at the center of its group fitness program.
Keeton believes these are all cultural definitions of beauty and not worth pursuing—that's why she doesn't look for a particular body type or shape when hiring her instructors.
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13 Books to Read with Your Kids This Summer
What books would I take to a desert island—if my children came with me?
that readers of faith are called to live by, but I didn't limit myself to overtly religious selections (though there are a few) because I don't believe that spiritually significant beauty is limited to
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I’m Not Called to Keep My Kids from Danger
I can’t keep my kids safe. But I can prepare them for a life of faithfulness.
However, we also experienced new beauty: the simplicity of not being able to shop for much more than food; a slow pace of living that allowed us to focus on relationships; fulfilling
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Pastors, Power, and PrettinessSubscriber access only
When good compliments go bad.
Yet, undoubtedly, the wider range of socially approved enhancements available to women in terms of fashion, hair, and makeup widens also the scale of beauty for women and offers a
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The Turquoise Table Movement Wants You
Kristin Schell invites believers to trade entertaining for simple front-yard hospitality.
How do you avoid perfectionism while also fulfilling your God-given desire for beauty? It's in our DNA to express ourselves and love others through God's beauty.
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Let’s Save the University from Secular Privilege
The academy has lost its pluralism. Here’s how the church can help find it.
it so personal or political. We also have to look at the data. That's the beauty of having data—it's hard to object to. In your view, secular exclusivity “contradicts
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Online Tribalism Threatens Women’s Ministry
From our special issue: reflections on discipleship in a fractured age.
study the Bible, who is God, and how to disciple other women,” Edmondson says, “allows women to gather together, learn together, recognize our differences, but see the beauty in how
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Beautiful Beyond Our ControlSubscriber access only
With so much pressure put on our looks, we forget what our bodies are for.
All of us are, in some ways, mastered by beauty or our perception of it. How often do we ask: What are we controlling? Beauty wasn't about what was inside of me or even me myself.
Beth Moore: There’s No Place Like Houston
My hometown is diverse, strong, and faithful. After Harvey, it will never be the same.
Outsiders say it's not a beautiful place, but we think they're just not looking closely enough. Our beauty is in our color; it's on our faces and also on our plates.
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Sanya Richards-Ross: My Abortion Broke Me; God Redeemed Me
The Olympic gold medalist opens up about faith, failure, and grace.
When my body started to attack itself, and I didn't want people to see my arms, and I needed to cover a scar on my leg, it taught me that true beauty is something that comes from within.