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Swipe Right for Jesus
How Tinder helped me come to terms with my evangelical identity.
made me uncomfortable. However, a dating app of questionable reputation— Tinder—helped me come to terms with my evangelical identity. I worked
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Let's Kiss Dating Hello
A sociologist reveals her research about 'ring by spring' culture on a Christian college campus.
Reporting | Sexuality. Let's Kiss Dating Hello. I would encourage church leaders to have open conversations about the pressures of dating and marriage.
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Bring Back Blind DatingSubscriber access only
Online matches put the pressure on us, while setups offer a sense of community support.
Opinion | Sexuality. Bring Back Blind Dating. Online matches pick. Dating portals put the responsibility on the individual to do the searching and selecting. This
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Dating: Are We Doing It Wrong?Subscriber access only
How Tinder and courtship are hurting my game
Opinion | Sexuality. Dating: Are We Doing It Wrong? How Tinder and courtship 0; tweet; link; email; print. The dating apocalypse is upon us! At least that's what
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Get Thee a Flawed Wife
A letter of encouragement—and realism—to Christian men considering marriage.
A letter of encouragement—and realism—to Christian men considering marriage.
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How the Dating Scene Became Stacked Against WomenSubscriber access only
Stats confirm what we knew all along: There aren't enough single men.
How the Dating Scene Became Stacked Against Women. Then, in recent decades, women began to outnumber men in college, skewing the dating scene further in men's favor.
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Singleness: My Only Companion
I've never been in a serious relationship despite my desire to one day marry. God is teaching me to hold that desire loosely. 
Yet the assumption underlying the majority of these conversations about singleness and dating is that the intended audience has been in a relationship or is dating on a regular basis
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Why I’m Happy My Son Married at 20
In a world of hookups and cohabitation, he took a leap—and made an act—of faith.
But hooking up is not the only option available to young un-marrieds; others pursue sustained, quasi-committed dating relationships that may flounder, eventually lead to marriage, or
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What Young Black Women Need from Their Black Brothers—and the Church
African American women still face significant challenges in their relationships with men.
In a recent episode of ABC's dating show, The Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, the first black female to participate, broke down in tears. “The pressures
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Dating by Q&ASubscriber access only
Keeping courtship from turning into a job interview.
Opinion | Sexuality. Dating by Q&A. Keeping marriage. Dating becomes a long, scrutinous job interview. Singles have good reasons for such an approach.
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Who’s the Most Excited About Brio? Probably Moms
We grew up on glossies. Our daughters want a different medium.
me, they shaped my life, everything from the ridiculous hair and fashions of my junior high years to my understanding of music and movies and health and boys and dating and sex
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The Unsettling Truth Behind the #MeToo Movement
Creating a safer world for women means talking about our vulnerability.
Insofar as #metoo helps us better understand the dangers women face as we try to navigate careers, dating relationships, or even riding the subway, it is powerful.
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Church: Set Up Your SinglesSubscriber access only
Community matchmaking can do better than online dating.
Opinion | Sexuality. Church: Set Up Your Singles. Community matchmaking can do better than online dating. Lore Ferguson Wilbert. @lorewilbert Facebook.
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Duggar Girls Talk Dating, Big Families, and Reality TVSubscriber access only
A Q&A with the oldest sisters of America’s favorite quiverfull clan.
Duggar Girls Talk Dating, Big Families, and Reality TV. We talk about dating with a purpose, or courtship, and we encourage readers to look at the person in God's eyes.
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Can Robots Be Sexist?
How artificial intelligence might reinforce and amplify gender stereotypes.
Coded programs operate as customer service representatives and administrative assistants, as financial advisers, dating coaches, and even therapy bots.
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What the Single in Your Pew Needs from You
Singles are on the rise. Here’s what forward-looking churches need to know.
As one single woman told me, “I wish there was greater understanding that we are not 'strange.'” Or as Lisa Anderson put it in her book, The Dating Manifesto, “Single isn't synonymous
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Glennon Doyle Melton's Gospel of Self-Fulfillment
Why living your truth bravely isn't enough.
Glennon Doyle Melton, the popular Momastery blogger, recently revealed that she is dating celebrity soccer player Abby Wambach. In her public Facebook
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4 Things Beth Moore Taught Me About Writing
What the biggest name in women’s Bible studies wants the next generation to know.
I learned that Jessica Simpson and Selena Gomez wore promise rings and the Christian relationship manifesto I Kissed Dating Goodbye sold 1.2 million copies.
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10 Things Sexual Assault Victims Want You to Know
When I posed a question about abuse on Facebook, I was inundated with responses.
His wife was my Sunday school teacher, and he was a faithful church attendee. I was dating a young man who was the drummer in the youth band and spoke of his call to ministry.
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Farewell to TV's Most Powerful Single Ladies
What primetime pioneers Mary Tyler Moore and Lena Dunham teach us about culture-making and Christian influence.
are gonna be naked—that's a big part of what this show is.'” The sexually explicit encounters on the show, however, strike me more as gritty renderings of broken dating culture than the