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Pastors, Power, and PrettinessSubscriber access only
When good compliments go bad.
Yet this is what Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church, author, and blogger, did in his recent post “On Why Christian Women Are Prettier.” Wilson's remarks weren't, as in the case of
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Best of 2015: Duggar Scandal, Beth Moore, and the Yoga Pants DebateSubscriber access only
We rank the top 10 posts of the year.
Prior responded to a controversial post from pastor Douglas Wilson, who discussed his observation that Christian women were prettier than non-believing women. She wrote:
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They Will Know Us By Our Angry BlogsSubscriber access only
It’s time for Christians to tone down the controversy and show some love.
Douglas Wilson: I do so love Wilson's biting humor and his word craft. And then there's this exquisite article he wrote some years back in Credenda / Agenda
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Are Pregnant Women Who Have Birth Plans 'Selfish?'Subscriber access only
Debunking the belief that pregnant women should sit back and be grateful for whatever happens on the big day.
Recently Nancy Wilson, the wife of Moscow, Idaho, pastor Douglas Wilson, suggested that birthing mothers who "fuss" about "doctors, about hospitals, about tubs or lack of tubs, about
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Daddy Dearest: How Purity Culture Can Turn Fathers into IdolsSubscriber access only
Our pledges belong to the Heavenly Father, not our earthly ones.
The father's pledge at Generations of Light (a site run by Lisa Wilson, whose husband, Randy, came up Just ask all the faithful devotees of Bill Gothard and Douglas Phillips, for instance
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John Piper and the Rise of Biblical MasculinitySubscriber access only
Why many church leaders are tempted to confuse cultural norms with biblical truth.
By now we're used to hearing Mark Driscoll campaign for more masculine church leaders and expressions of Christianity; late last year, Reformed pastor Douglas Wilson invited Driscoll