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A Woman’s Guide to Seminary
Ministry is serious business. These 9 steps are key to pursuing your training.
The best type of theological education takes place in a community of faith. It's a way to practice obedience and trust so that when he calls you to ministry after seminary, it will be easier
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Six Ways to Inspire Confident, Contagious Faith in Your Kids
How do we help children and teens contend with the big questions? An apologist offers her take.
catechism practice. For resources on conversational apologetics, consider Natasha Crain's Keeping Your Kids on God's Side: 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith and
The Demanding Faith of Flannery O’Connor
In her writing, O’Connor made belief believable.
excerpt. The Demanding Faith of Flannery O'Connor. Her Christian faith is a demanding one. And then there's that word mystery again, one of her favorites.
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King’s Dream Succeeds If We Study the Bible
Cross-racial partnerships only have lasting power if they’re rooted in Scripture.
Bible itself. Racial reconciliation requires the fundamentals of faith practice: good, substantive Scripture study with diverse believers. While cross-racial
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Violence Against Women Begins in the Womb
Why female feticide threatens the social order.
While some countries practice selective abortion due to ingrained cultural practices, others do it for As we look to the future, civil society, educators, faith leaders, media, churches, and
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Babies Need Their Moms. But Moms Need Paid Leave.
“Conservatives love my family-first message, but you have to pay for that message,” says researcher.
In her practice, “I was seeing an increase in children with mental disorders, being The fiscally conservative right wing would hope that the faith-based communities would support family
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How to Love Your Ideological Enemy
If hospitality is a model for discipleship, then we need both open doors and clear boundaries.
house of God, bear some responsibility for protecting the doctrinal boundaries of faith and also inviting others into that well-defined place. 1. People who practice hospitable orthodoxy
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Why I Don’t Sit With My Husband at Church
Five reasons to separate from your spouse—and sometimes your kids—on Sunday mornings.
For my husband and me, offering hospitality has meant breaking down a common church practice: sitting together as a But if our faith is built on a man on a cross, failure is not the end, a
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Has Attachment Theory Made Us Anxious Parents?
How gospel truth and global perspective free us from guilt-inducing expectations.
In response, many of us try to put into practice all the expert findings—how skin-to Sacrifice is often the takeaway from both attachment teaching as well as some faith-based instruction
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Save Your Soul: Start Gardening
For me, local creation care offers an antidote to cultural chaos.
Along with gardeners and farmers all over the globe, I plan to practice the cultural mandate right in my own backyard, year in She writes on faith, culture, and hope at tinaosterhouse.com
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Family and Politics: Why I'm Against 'Keeping the Peace'
There are times when we need to speak up.
Although I've long been passionate about theology and ministry, I've only recently begun the practice of finding my voice—of discerning when and how to put my faith into action in
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Dishes, Diapers, and a Deeper Faith
Discover the hidden spiritual opportunities in motherhood.
with friends. Instead of surrendering to loneliness, deepen your faith by revamping isolation into an opportunity to practice solitude. Intentionally focus
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How Churches Can Give Sanctuary and Still Support the Law
800 congregations are working to protect undocumented immigrants. A leader with the New Sanctuary Movement says yours should be one of them.
All these presuppositions come out of letting our faith guide and shape our work. everywhere else in the world and throughout the ages know a lot more about that practice than we as
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How to Celebrate Christmas as a Cultural Minority
Christians abroad and Muslims at home helped me find the holy day in the holiday.
adult years have given me perspective on what it means to practice the holiday Furthermore, I believe that religious pluralism can actually strengthen how faith communities celebrate
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Fighting with My Husband and the Work of Shalom
Do I proclaim radical love for the world even as I neglect to care for those closest to me?
In the end, this practice each Sunday—the passing of peace—is a prayer. Believing this is an act of a faith. It takes faith to believe that our little, frail faithfulness can produce fruit.
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Swipe Right for Jesus
How Tinder helped me come to terms with my evangelical identity.
white evangelicalism doesn't accurately explain anything about me or my faith to my furious, bedroom-pacing prayer, its core convictions—in mind, heart, and practice—are mine.
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I Sent My Kids to a ‘Better School.’ But Was It the Right Choice?
As a parent, I feel caught between the needs of my children and the needs of my neighbors.
of Christians (Shane Claiborne, DL Mayfield, and others) who live in community to practice discipleship and share life with the poor. Meanwhile, our faith community, Sycamore Creek
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To More Than a Few Good Men: Don’t Give Up on Working with Women
Four research-based solutions beyond Mike Pence’s ‘Billy Graham Rule.’
With these cases and others in mind, there's a temptation to ridicule men who practice the Billy not only destroy my family but would destroy this whole ministry and people's faith in it.”.
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Waiting Outside an Abortion Clinic Years Ago Was Worth It
The mother of an almost-aborted baby reached out with this letter about her son.
in granting me—and all of us—glimpses now and then of the fruit of efforts performed in faith. Waiting is the fertile soil of our sanctification and one of the hallmarks of Christian practice.
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After 50 Years in a Wheelchair, I Still Walk with Jesus
On the anniversary of her accident, Joni Eareckson Tada reflects on God’s faithfulness.
I remember going to [faith healer] Kathryn Kuhlman's services. since then, but we still have a long way to go in terms of putting that kind of heart-change into practice, especially in