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Community Home Offers ‘Boot Camp’ for Pregnant Moms
How a residential program in Virginia goes beyond crisis pregnancy aid.
Reporting | Discipleship. Community Home Offers 'Boot Camp' for Pregnant Moms. This “dry” period helps break addictions and encourages authentic community and connection.
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4 Ways to Share God’s Love in Summertime
The “Ordinary Time” of summer invites us to give the extraordinary Good News.
Cultivating hospitality is about building community: When we eat together, we talk together. People ache for real community, so be prepared for unexpected interest.
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Why I Don’t Sit With My Husband at Church
Five reasons to separate from your spouse—and sometimes your kids—on Sunday mornings.
as God desires to lead us to a knowledge of genuine Christian fellowship, so surely Disillusionment, argues Bonhoeffer, is not the end of Christian community but rather the entry point.
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How Female Missionaries and Evangelists Paved the Way for #MeToo
As we look to the future of women, the past offers a map.
of Indian women, she dedicated her life to advocating for the voiceless in her community. t have foreseen what was to come: a ministry called Dohnavur Fellowship, where hundreds of
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How Southern Baptist Leaders Aided My Escape from Abuse
Christian men helped me end a violent marriage. Their voices matter now more than ever.
Christian men helped me end a violent marriage. Their voices matter now more than ever.
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6 Ways to Survive the Grief of Childlessness
In a time of loss and lament, here’s how I found spiritual solace.
4. Surround yourself with a strong community. As questions. Reach out to your church community; ask your pastor to connect you with other men and women.
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Beth Moore: My 5 Keys to Accountability
In this celebrity culture, it’s easy for a servant to lose her way. These few habits keep our eyes on Jesus.
In this celebrity culture, it's easy for a servant to lose her way. These few habits keep our eyes on Jesus.
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Online Tribalism Threatens Women’s Ministry
From our special issue: reflections on discipleship in a fractured age.
Lee uses this scene to show the disparity between the white citizens' sense of their own compassion and their neglect of justice in their local community.
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King’s Dream Succeeds If We Study the Bible
Cross-racial partnerships only have lasting power if they’re rooted in Scripture.
Create a covenant for community. Once you've found the right partners, it's important to determine how you will converse together. How will you handle disagreement?
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Get Thee a Flawed Wife
A letter of encouragement—and realism—to Christian men considering marriage.
A letter of encouragement—and realism—to Christian men considering marriage.
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5 Ways to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions
The holy work of change requires a power much greater than personal discipline.
addictions may need serious pastoral council. The church community, in particular, offers a unique context for this accountability. We need to lean into
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Joni Eareckson Tada: Why Suicide Is Everybody’s Business
Society’s moral resolve hinges on the interdependence of the sick and the well.
The post reflects a rising epidemic that's unique to 21st-century Western society: Many of us are hyperconnected online but simultaneously disconnected from substantive community.
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5 Things You Should Know Before You Send Your Kid to College
A college administrator offers counsel on coming of age and higher ed.
Even from a distance, prayer has the potential to expand your child's community and to bring who “fail.” One of them, Tom (a pseudonym), was devastated by his loss of the fellowship.
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The Turquoise Table Movement Wants You
Kristin Schell invites believers to trade entertaining for simple front-yard hospitality.
She was a reliable hostess in her Austin community, a thrower of book clubs, barbecues, and neighborhood Bible studies. Get to know the rhythms of your own community.
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I Sent My Kids to a ‘Better School.’ But Was It the Right Choice?
As a parent, I feel caught between the needs of my children and the needs of my neighbors.
Finally, we took interest in new monasticism, the movement of Christians (Shane Claiborne, DL Mayfield, and others) who live in community to practice discipleship and share life with
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Six Ways to Support and Challenge Those Who Leave Church
How churchgoers can journey with their “done” brothers and sisters.
In my own struggle with the church, the thoughtful, mature fellowship of a few good friends and to mark a person's departure in a “state of the church” community meeting, congregational
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Cohousing: The New American Family
How alternative forms of living are changing communities, challenging the church, and keeping millennials in the fold.
The Fellowship for Intentional Community—which supports “people who live together or share common facilities and who regularly associate with each other on the basis of explicit
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‘Queen Esther Inspired Me to Speak Up,’ Says Nassar Victim
A biblical role model prompted Larissa Boyce to stand against her abuser. Her church supports her story.
The pastor aims to open Boyce's talk to the entire Williamston community, only ten minutes For her other articles, including a story for CT about Bible Study Fellowship, visit pardokaplan
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God Came to Me in My Cancer
At a time when I should have felt abandoned by God, I experienced what Augustine called “the sweetness.”
At a time when I should have felt abandoned by God, I experienced what Augustine called “the sweetness.”.
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How to Celebrate Christmas as a Cultural Minority
Christians abroad and Muslims at home helped me find the holy day in the holiday.
how faith communities celebrate holidays—by bringing us back to the roots of what we believe and underscoring how we express those beliefs thoughtfully in diverse community.