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Iranian American Minister: Why the Bible Belt Is the Perfect Place for Muslim Refugees
Samira Page sees the church mobilizing to serve Dallas’s influx of new neighbors.
“My life has always been about being a bridge between two cultures,” said Page, founder of Gateway of Grace, a nondenominational nonprofit that has connected more than 90 Dallas
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6 Ways Martin Luther Led Me to My Own Personal Reformation
As a young Catholic, learning about the Protestant Reformation dramatically changed my faith.
church. For Luther, discovering that the church was minoring in grace and majoring in works changed his life. It changed mine, too. 2. Grace is amazing. Like
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Women in China’s House Church Movement Face a Hidden Challenge
Chinese pastors’ wives struggle with something more personal than political oppression.
As the communications director for China Partnership, I hear daily about efforts to train and equip the mostly male pastorate of a rising church movement called Grace to City, which
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Sanya Richards-Ross: My Abortion Broke Me; God Redeemed Me
The Olympic gold medalist opens up about faith, failure, and grace.
interview | Family. Sanya Richards-Ross: My Abortion Broke Me; God Redeemed Me. The Olympic gold medalist opens up about faith, failure, and grace. I'm just so glad I ran into grace.”.
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Beth Moore: My 5 Keys to Accountability
In this celebrity culture, it’s easy for a servant to lose her way. These few habits keep our eyes on Jesus.
mastered. I so badly want to walk the remainder of my journey without detouring into a deep ditch but, if I'm able to do so, it will be by God's grace. These
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Lord, Save Me from My Side Hustle
Hard work is a virtue. But Scripture warns of its vice.
Hard work is a virtue. But Scripture warns of its vice.
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Get Thee a Flawed Wife
A letter of encouragement—and realism—to Christian men considering marriage.
Every person sins more naturally than any other thing they do. By the grace of God, we are being sanctified day by day and are full of the Holy Spirit, who helps us on the journey.
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‘Queen Esther Inspired Me to Speak Up,’ Says Nassar Victim
A biblical role model prompted Larissa Boyce to stand against her abuser. Her church supports her story.
slave trade. Nassar shook his head until Michell mentioned he composed “Amazing Grace.”. “The she said. “We find our grace, our strength through him. He
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Moms Have Always ‘Worked.’ Just Ask the Puritans.
5 things I've learned from an early American vision of the household.
traditional work and childrearing. By God's common grace, I am hopeful that we may be returning to a time when that divide is smaller. But even if not
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How the Transgender Narrative Perpetuates Stereotypes
The church can offer hope to those who find it hard to love the body they’re in.
The church can offer hope to those who find it hard to love the body they're in.
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Blessed Are the Unsatisfied
We often assume that loneliness and dissatisfaction are symptoms of spiritual failure. But what if they’re signs of healthy faith?
and are pronounced blessed; and it is promised, that they shall be filled, or satisfied; yet not so in this life, that they shall never thirst or desire more; for as they need more grace, and it is
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We Lost Our Baby, but We Didn't Want to Lose Our Marriage
Men and women tend to grieve differently; understanding those differences helped us make it through.
I've learned to give him the grace to grieve in his own way, and, slowly but surely, he has started opening up more to the men God has placed in his life. The Answer Is Always 'Yes'.
The Demanding Faith of Flannery O’Connor
In her writing, O’Connor made belief believable.
There, my new friends and I were all literate in the same Protestant way, versed in the biblical trajectory of creation, sin, guilt, grace, redemption, forgiveness.
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When Your Marriage Doesn't Measure UpSubscriber access only
Comparing your husband to others may be killing your relationship.
wife. Accept Grace, and Offer It Freely. If so, remember that there is an endless ocean of God's grace available to you (and to your spouse also). When
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Why I’ve Spent Half My Life Helping North Korea
Despite political and military tensions in the region, the director of Christian Friends of Korea is committed to medical ministry.
CFK describes its mission as sharing “God's heart of love and grace to the North Korean people primarily within the context of tuberculosis and hepatitis.” “These are both very serious
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Embracing Cultural MomentsSubscriber access only
Using truth and grace to explore hidden cultural divides
Opinion | Pop Culture. Embracing Cultural Moments. Using truth and grace to explore hidden cultural divides. Helen Lee Helen Lee. @HelenLeeBooks Facebook. Grace-Filled Moments.
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Millennials Can Leave Evangelicalism. But Not Its Pop Culture.
Does the cottage industry around Christian subculture nostalgia reveal the church’s failures—or its successes?
The nostalgia for Christian pop culture is part of a larger millennial phenomenon, says culture writer Ruth Graham, pointing to reboots of Full House and Will and Grace and Buzzfeed
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The Mystery of My HealingSubscriber access only
Unexplainable relief is a reminder of God’s grace, wholeness, and incarnation.
Unexplainable relief is a reminder of God's grace, wholeness, and incarnation. Not only had I experienced healing, I had also experienced grace, a gift freely given.
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5 Ways to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions
The holy work of change requires a power much greater than personal discipline.
And we need to commit ourselves to community—where other Christians can encourage us, reflect the imago Dei, and remind us of grace when we stumble.
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Finding My 'True Self' as a Same-Sex Attracted Woman
In my young-adult struggle with sexual identity, both legalistic condemnation and progressive license left me floundering.
20 years ago. Groups on both sides of the debate often fall short in balancing the age-old tension between law and grace. Progressive Christians have