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Beth Moore: My 5 Keys to Accountability
In this celebrity culture, it’s easy for a servant to lose her way. These few habits keep our eyes on Jesus.
In this celebrity culture, it's easy for a servant to lose her way. These few habits keep our eyes on Jesus. Opinion | Discipleship. These few habits keep our eyes on Jesus.
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Mother Mary Is a Sanctuary—and So Are We
Annunciation Day invites us to be vessels of Christ in the world.
Ephesus in AD 431 (That council also reaffirmed the Nicene Creed, a decision that Protestants support.) Theologically, the title underscores what Scripture tells us—that Jesus was both
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Blessed Are the Unsatisfied
We often assume that loneliness and dissatisfaction are symptoms of spiritual failure. But what if they’re signs of healthy faith?
As long as we are in relationship with Jesus, he will fill that “God-shaped hole” inside us, and once that hole is filled, we will no longer ache with desire or longing.
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Swipe Right for Jesus
How Tinder helped me come to terms with my evangelical identity.
Opinion | Church. Swipe Right for Jesus. There's nothing quite like trying to explain the atonement to a brilliant inquisitor who has never heard Jesus' story.
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Why I Don’t Sit With My Husband at Church
Five reasons to separate from your spouse—and sometimes your kids—on Sunday mornings.
Why? Because the gospel is a story of juxtaposition in community: Jesus sat with a Samaritan woman and asked her for a drink. Phillip got into the chariot with an Ethiopian eunuch.
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Six Ways to Support and Challenge Those Who Leave Church
How churchgoers can journey with their “done” brothers and sisters.
For many believers, toxic politics, institutionalized racism, and cover-ups of sexual and spiritual abuse have, like an eclipse, blotted out a clear view of Jesus.
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Racial Difference Without Division
The power of an ethnicity-honoring witness.
They talked about what it meant to be Asian American and follow Jesus. Jesus looked beautiful in them. In those crucial years, I became a whole person.
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After 50 Years in a Wheelchair, I Still Walk with Jesus
On the anniversary of her accident, Joni Eareckson Tada reflects on God’s faithfulness.
After 50 Years in a Wheelchair, I Still Walk with Jesus. One of the first things I read about healing that really helped was from Mark 1. Jesus has been healing all day long.
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How Jesus Discipled Women
In a patriarchal culture, Jesus showed his followers a radically different way to relate and lead.
In a patriarchal culture, Jesus showed his followers a radically different way to relate and lead. excerpt | Discipleship. How Jesus Discipled Women.
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This Christmas, I’m Defining Family by My Single Friends
Blood relatives are key to the holiday. But I share a deeper DNA with the body of Christ.
In his book Redeeming Singleness, Barry Danylak writes about Jesus's poignant statement in Mark 3:34–35, that “whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother.” “Jesus
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The California Fires Are Purifying My Priorities
The threat of disaster forces me to reckon with salvation—mine and others.
As thousands face devastating displacement and loss, Jesus' words to clothe, visit, care for, and feed others in need (Matt. Jesus' response was stunning.
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Jesus, the Frybread of Life
How Native InterVarsity is helping college students follow Christ and honor tradition.
interview | Discipleship. Jesus, the Frybread of Life. I'm so excited that our Creator is making the goodness of his son Jesus known among the First People of our land.”.
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Hiding the Full Truth from Kids Is Often Healthy
As our children come of age, how do we talk about the brutal realities of a broken world?
had an affair? Do we explain what it means when our Advent reading describes Rahab, one of the women in Jesus' family tree, as a prostitute? Do we
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Six Ways to Inspire Confident, Contagious Faith in Your Kids
How do we help children and teens contend with the big questions? An apologist offers her take.
fables? That the exclusivity of Christianity is intolerant? That Jesus never existed? Or Is it reasonable to believe that Jesus really rose from the dead? And what
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6 Ways Martin Luther Led Me to My Own Personal Reformation
As a young Catholic, learning about the Protestant Reformation dramatically changed my faith.
God knows we are sinners and can't ever do enough to repair our fallen humanity. That's why he sent us Jesus to be our Savior. 4. Jesus wants to do life with us.
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Miscarriage Changed Me
How trauma and loss deepened my understanding of God’s love.
As my physical and emotional scars were healing, I discovered a deep inner belief living in me: Grounded in my identity as God's beloved through my faith in Jesus, I am loved, valuable
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Family and Politics: Why I'm Against 'Keeping the Peace'
There are times when we need to speak up.
Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matt. 10:34–39). For his early followers and for us, following Jesus may be the very catalyst of family conflict.
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Your Calling Actually Isn’t About You
From our special issue: resisting the draw of self-serving discipleship.
life. Each of us is called to follow Jesus. Yet For many of us, we treat Jesus and the church as a means to a more comfortable and sheltered life. In the
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The Parable of the Lost Pointer
When Ruby went missing, Jesus’ words struck home.
Opinion | Discipleship. The Parable of the Lost Pointer. When Ruby went missing, Jesus' words struck home. Jesus means these words, found in Luke 15:4, metaphorically.
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Minimalism Isn’t the Key to Christmas
We need more than anti-consumerism for a healthy Christian holiday.
In Scripture, Jesus didn't warn against excessive accumulation because it was a mental health hazard. Taking up flesh, Jesus pitched his tent in our neighborhood.