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How Jesus Discipled Women
In a patriarchal culture, Jesus showed his followers a radically different way to relate and lead.
Messenger of the Resurrection. Of all the women mentioned in the Gospels, Mary Magdalene is mentioned most often (14 times). From Luke 8:1–3, we
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Why Even Pessimists Can Embrace Hope
A social psychologist explains why fear and hope often work as a team.
I relate it to when Mary Magdalene went to the tomb of Jesus to care for the body, and then the body wasn't there. She didn't even know that she should
Opinion | Pop Culture
Why We Don’t Need a Mrs. JesusSubscriber access only
Christian faith offers a fuller notion of God and gender than sensationalized stories.
Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson's book The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Lost Text that Reveals Jesus' Marriage to Mary Magdalene released last month, the latest in an often
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Cross-Gender Friendships: What's Appropriate for Married People?Subscriber access only
A new model suggests married men and women can be best friends—and not with their spouses. Think again.
disciple"). Their conclusions about Jesus' friendship with Mary Magdalene are speculative at best (not to mention that both Jesus and Mary were single).