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The Red Carpet Is No Longer a Refuge from Real-World Issues
This Academy Awards season, celebrities and fans are looking for more from Hollywood, but even with more robust coverage, they may not always find it.
Celebrities have always been more than their IMDB credits, and fashion, with its relationship to sustainability, modesty, creativity, and ethics, has always been more than the name on
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To the Christian Men and Women Debating Yoga PantsSubscriber access only
Make room for the Holy Spirit.
Among Christians, these form-fitting pants get wrapped in the modesty debate, most recently with a viral post from a blogger sharing her conviction to stop wearing yoga pants and
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A Dad's Perspective: Why I Tell My Daughters to Dress ModestlySubscriber access only
Replacing the restrictions of modesty with the appropriate attire of Christian love.
Opinion | Sexuality. A Dad's Perspective: Why I Tell My Daughters to Dress Modestly. Replacing the restrictions of modesty with the appropriate attire of Christian love.
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Believing in a Better Modesty MovementSubscriber access only
How we teach purity through a celebration of beauty and self-respect.
Opinion | Sexuality. Believing in a Better Modesty Movement. Dannah Gresh, guest blogger. Image: Lil' Wiz / Flickr. Believing in a Better Modesty Movement. 0; tweet; link; email; print.
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Can You Teach Modesty Without Body-Shaming?Subscriber access only
Girls told to cover their "irresistible" bellies, boobs, and bodies.
Opinion | Sexuality. Can You Teach Modesty Without Body-Shaming? Elrena Evans. Image: ashraful kadir / Flickr. Can You Teach Modesty Without Body-Shaming?
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Don't Blame the Bikini, Blame the Bikini CultureSubscriber access only
Talking modesty beyond two-piece v. one-piece.
Talking modesty beyond two-piece v. one-piece. This conditioning becomes most apparent in comparison with non-Western cultures, where modesty standards differ.
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Best of 2015: Duggar Scandal, Beth Moore, and the Yoga Pants DebateSubscriber access only
We rank the top 10 posts of the year.
Paul Maxwell). Amid yet another debate pitting women's “modesty” against men's “lust,” Wilbert and Maxwell teamed up to tackle the real issue: It's less
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Finding Healing in Front of the CameraSubscriber access only
A Christian considers the benefits of boudoir photography.
I wonder, am I allowed to feel sexy, for the sake of it? Do the Bible's teachings on modesty prevent us from actually desiring to feel beautiful? Stunning? Confident?
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Immodesty All Over the MapSubscriber access only
Putting breasts in cultural context.
Breasts can't be regarded as for the bedroom only. The concept of modesty certainly exists, but it's more often applied to women's hemlines than their necklines.
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From Midriffs to Social Media: Parenting Teen Girls in the 21st CenturySubscriber access only
Don’t let the topic fool you. ‘Enough’ is full of substance and wisdom.
When, early in the book, she describes the noise adolescent girls make when they hear the word modesty as a “perfect marriage between a scoff and a gag,” she won me over.
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Remarriage: Doomed to Fail?Subscriber access only
Keys to succeeding in a second marriage
Cosmopolitan now has modesty covers, so I am no longer subjected to the 101 ways to look sexier without surgery, but the tabloids still grab my attention with their circus of marriages
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How 'Modest Is Hottest' Is Hurting Christian WomenSubscriber access only
What the phrase communicates about female sexuality and bodies.
Sharon Hodde Miller. 0; tweet; link; email; print. I remember the first time I heard the words chirped by an eager female college student as we discussed the topic of modesty.
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Modesty: Still Missing from the ChurchSubscriber access only
If our motivation is to look attractive at any cost with no consideration for others, there is a heart issue to confront.
Opinion | Sexuality. Modesty: Still Missing from the Church. I shared my observations concerning the responsibility of modesty and its challenges for both men and women.
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Why the Bodily Resurrection Matters—Especially to WomenSubscriber access only
In a time when Christian women are tempted to view their bodies with shame or with utility, the foundational doctrine is more important than ever.
About six months ago I wrote a post on modesty that elicited a variety of responses. That is not to say that modesty is unimportant and does not have its place. It does.
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Are Christians Allowed to Be Sexy?Subscriber access only
Facing dueling pressures, many women of faith remain insecure over their appearance.
I didn't particularly understand the appeal of following rules, and I enjoyed attention, so I threw off the modesty rules and dressed in a way that caused men to notice me.
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Uncovering the Head Covering DebateSubscriber access only
What happened to Scripture’s call to cover our heads in worship?
Christian leaders believed the head covering called for in 1 Corinthians signified women's modesty and submission, so they continued to wear whatever type of covering was in fashion
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A Man's Perspective: The History of LustSubscriber access only
Our blame-shifting dates back to Adam and the Fall.
along the way. In a former post, I confronted the blame-shifting that unfairly burdens women when it comes to issues of lust and modesty. When the conversation
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Women of the WebSubscriber access only
Finding solidarity, inspiration, and conversation between Jewish and evangelical bloggers.
faith contexts. They talk marriage and modesty, parenting and pop culture. "There's something intimate about spilling one's guts to a friend. That's what
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Creation Care Starts with Our BodiesSubscriber access only
Or, what I learned from my bikini-clad mother-in-law about the goodness of creation.
Untouched by the Puritan prudishness that is historically English and North American, they share a continental European lack of modesty concerning the body, to the extreme.
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Blessed Are the Stretch-Marked and Muffin-ToppedSubscriber access only
What my pregnant and postpartum body taught me about womanhood.
In an age when women reject calls for modesty as fueling rape culture, when popular Christian leaders publicly debate traditional gender roles, and when churches host workout