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Are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Women Any Closer to Finding Common Ground?
A year after the first Women’s March, politics continue to splinter the women’s movement.
of other cities with streams of pink hats and feminist placards— launched an important discussion about the place of pro-life and conservative women in the movement, after multiple
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How Poetry Might Change the Pro-Life Debate
The moral imagination of literature speaks volumes.
Opinion | Discipleship. How Poetry Might Change the Pro-Life Debate. The moral imagination of literature speaks volumes. Karen Swallow Prior. @KSPrior
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Why Abortion Workers Need Our Forgiveness and Support
Some pro-life advocates view Planned Parenthood employees as killers complicit in crimes. Abby Johnson sees them as people worth rescuing.
Johnson herself is a former abortion worker and controversial figure who spent eight years at Planned Parenthood before joining the pro-life movement.
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Young, Female, and Pro-Trump
How white evangelical millennials are defying political predictions.
Of course, there's the pro-life movement, which has undergone a resurgence in recent years thanks to the leadership of young women, according to Penny Young Nance, president of
Women’s March Sets Out to Exclude 40 Percent of American Women
What pro-life feminists actually have in common with their pro-choice counterparts.
Emma Green at The Atlantic asked, “Is there room in the movement for people who morally object to abortion?” Her article portrayed some of the hundreds of pro-life women planning to
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The Surprisingly Positive Legacy of the Kermit Gosnell Case
How the worst of the abortion industry brought out the best of pro-life advocacy.
is back in the spotlight with everything it offered us the first time: a sobering reminder of the criminal aspects of the abortion industry and a reason to reinvigorate the pro-life movement.
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CT Women’s Top 10 Articles of 2017: Kay Warren, Joni Eareckson Tada, and More
Readers rank the best posts of the year.
We covered the #MeToo movement and the Women's March, launched an eight-part sparked controversy among Christians when organizers opted to exclude pro-life organizations as
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Let the Pregnant Grads Walk
How we treat pregnant teens reveals more about us than them.
The dispute reflects a difficult tension between the principles of a pro-life position—lauding the decision to keep an unborn baby—and the principles of sexual ethics and right conduct.
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Waiting Outside an Abortion Clinic Years Ago Was Worth It
The mother of an almost-aborted baby reached out with this letter about her son.
me. The pro-life ministry I worked with always threw baby showers for mothers and helped in various ways as long the help was needed and wanted.
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The Micro-Premie Dilemma
Does NICU technology change our pro-life obligations?
Reporting | Family. The Micro-Premie Dilemma. Does NICU technology change our pro-life obligations? As a pro-life Christian, of course I believe life begins at conception.
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Changing Minds on Abortion
5 former abortion advocates speak out
Ironically, the pro-life movement has done the exact same thing to the abortion workers,” she said. “We are in a cycle of dehumanization. The goal of
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The Pro-Life Call to Remember our ‘Old Acquaintance’Subscriber access only
Seeing the aged as a blessing rather than a burden.
of-life are tremendously important. As a pro-life movement, it's essential that we remember to include the elderly as an integral part of our community.
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Being Pro-Life Has Never Been EasySubscriber access only
Our trust in God outweighs our fear.
They've ignited a new passion and fire in the hearts of Christians rallying for the pro-life cause. Our movement has fresh motivation and energy. Ahead
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How Pro-Life Activism Became Personal Again
After years of being ‘too busy’ to help, I found myself getting involved once more.
I have to do something,” she said. The issue had become personal to her. Sometimes the motivation to be involved in the pro-life movement evolves over time, like it did with me.
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How to Counter the Economic Argument for Abortion
To provide a persuasive alternative, the church must offer holistic, long-term support.
We need such ministries in every community. We're missing a critical element of what it means to demonstrate Christ's love if we don't employ a comprehensive pro-life approach.
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Let’s Save the University from Secular Privilege
The academy has lost its pluralism. Here’s how the church can help find it.
called Students for Life (SFL) applied for a school grant to bring a pro-life speaker to That was the intent of the so-called integration movement: You have to integrate Christian thought
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The Feminist Fight Against AbortionSubscriber access only
Hearing from the progressive and pro-woman Christians siding with life.
What frustrates me about the pro-choice movement is the lengths to which advocates go to de the woman's body exclusively, as if the fetus is inconsequential, and pro-life advocates are
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Life Begins Before the WombSubscriber access only
Amid IVF dilemmas and frozen embryos, we have new chances to affirm a pro-life ethic.
Amid IVF dilemmas and frozen embryos, we have new chances to affirm a pro-life ethic. And from a pro-life perspective, what do we do when a frozen embryo requires a womb to live?
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‘Racial Indifference Is Not Hate… but It Is Not Love, Either’
Why it matters that our organizations proclaim Black Lives Matter
found itself reiterating its pro-life position on abortion in the wake of Higgins's address. Nevertheless, there are a range of perspectives within the Black Lives Matter movement itself, and
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Loving Our Pro-Choice Neighbors in Word and DeedSubscriber access only
What we say about abortion matters, even if we act peacefully.
Parenthood's fetal tissue sales. Regardless of Dear's motive, his actions were evil on every count, particularly from a pro-life perspective. The sanctity of