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Christian Women Need to Know Their HistorySubscriber access only
By celebrating the stories of generations before us, we better understand our own.
She, not Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, first inspired me to fight for the rights of women and children with stories of 19th-century missionaries Mary Slessor and Amy Carmichael.
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Microfinance Is a Women’s IssueSubscriber access only
How our philanthropy can empower our sisters across the globe.
When we look at the lives of impoverished women around the world—far more likely than men to be denied education, jobs, and basic rights—work is a life changer.
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The Gender Conversation We Aren’t Having
Why sexism deserves more attention than the complementarian-egalitarian debates.
The terms themselves obscure the crux of arguments about the ordination of women. “Egalitarianism,” in general use, refers to the belief that all deserve equal rights.
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The Women Who Sang Out for Civil RightsSubscriber access only
The heroines of the movement followed a call to “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”
Opinion | Pop Culture. The Women Who Sang Out for Civil Rights. We often forget that the struggle for civil rights and women's rights occurred simultaneously, not one after another.
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If a Brand-New Christian Women's Conference Goes Viral, Then What?Subscriber access only
The story behind the success of the IF: Gathering.
Opinion | Pop Culture. If a Brand-New Christian Women's Conference Goes Viral, Then What? The story behind the success of the IF: Gathering. Kate
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The Rise of Women and the Manhood Crisis Subscriber access only
'Malestrom' author: When women flourish, men flourish too.
for our gender: second-wave feminism has gone global, women and girls are making gains in education, economic empowerment, maternal health, and human rights, and this
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Sandals Instead of Sponsorships: The Sseko Story
Behind the fair-trade company that’s helping educate women in Uganda.
I spoke to Bohannon last year about her growing startup and what women's rights in privileged and impoverished contexts have to do with each other.
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When Missions Opportunities Aren’t PrettySubscriber access only
The topics that make us uncomfortable can spur the church to action.
For years, I met a church hesitant to talk about, much less fight, this violation of human rights. More than 125 million girls and women alive today have been cut in the 29 countries in
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Persecuted, Abused, Displaced: The Christian Women Who Somehow Still Stand StrongSubscriber access only
A religious freedom advocate looks at the factors that keep faith communities resilient in conflict.
security. In a Damascus café, I met with the leader of an underground women's rights movement. Her demeanor was subtle and her actions calculated.
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Amen to Women in PoliticsSubscriber access only
From a complementarian who celebrates female government leaders.
factory conditions. They have defended rights for pregnant women and mothers. They stood alongside men in efforts to abolish the slave trade. Today
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Our Bodies, Our Selfies: On Body Image OnlineSubscriber access only
The approval-seeking scrutiny of social media’s selfie-mania.
As others — such as Naomi Wolf in The Beauty Myth — have noted, gains in women's rights have often been undermined somewhat by ever-more unrealistic and unattainable
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How Natural Family Planning Shaped My View of SexSubscriber access only
A more intensive method of birth control reminded me that it’s God who’s in control.
As this summer's Hobby Lobby decision and the subsequent conversations on women's rights and women's health made clear, women's decision to use or not use birth control is a
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Christine Caine, Liberty University to Launch ‘Lean In’-Type Program for Christian WomenSubscriber access only
Propel calls on the church to equip and validate working women.
Reporting | Sexuality. Christine Caine, Liberty University to Launch 'Lean In'-Type Program for Christian Women. Propel calls on the church to equip and validate working women.
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First Female Coach Enters the ‘Man’s World’ of the NFLSubscriber access only
Welcome to the big leagues, Jen Welter.
As Welter puts it, "It's exciting to show not only women and girls, but pretty much everyone that anything is possible.". It's not for women and children.”.
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Sexed-Up Culture Ruined Healthy Male-Female Work RelationshipsSubscriber access only
The importance of both genders partnering in ministry.
missed out on opportunities to advance her projects because the president made businesses decisions over lunch, and he promised his wife he wouldn't eat lunch alone with women.
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Changing Minds on Abortion
5 former abortion advocates speak out
explains in Reversing Roe: The Story of Norma McCorvey that she eventually began to speak out in support of abortion rights in order to I had worked with pregnant women for years.
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Finding My Place in The Gospel CoalitionSubscriber access only
Where do women belong in complementarian organizations?
Tim Keller, pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, gives wide latitude to women in his congregation, encouraging them toward all the rights and responsibilities of
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Where Did Country Music’s Leading Ladies Go?Subscriber access only
Talking back to the trends and ‘strategies’ keeping female vocalists off the airwaves.
“Bro country,” often with sexist lyrics, dominates country radio, while women find it increasingly difficult to get a hearing. Which gets to the other reason we hear from fewer women.
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Social Activism Before Social MediaSubscriber access only
Passionate Christian leader Nellie McClung spoke out against indignity at every level.
Editor's note: Today's post continues our Women's History Month series, connecting our contemporary efforts for justice with the evangelical women who came before us.
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Leaning In to Our GriefSubscriber access only
What Sheryl Sandberg teaches us about tragedy.
In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg wrote her first book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, selling over a million copies and launching a movement for working women.