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I thought I understood “infinity.” At least as much as a finite being can grasp the heady concept. But after reading “How Infinitely Big Is God?” I was flummoxed. A good flummoxed, to be sure, because it helped me see that our big God is smaller—and more varied—than we think.

That last part, variety, is what ties this issue together. The streams of revelation, as Hans Ur von Balthasar notes, can be as tiny as a trickling creek or as massive as the Mississippi, and yet they all point to the source: Jesus Christ.

After editing “Tiny Creatures of Great Worth,” I have come to believe that bacteria are among God’s good creations. I had imbibed the popular notion that bacteria=bad; antibiotics=good. It turns out that bacteria are God’s creative way of keeping us alive.

One thing I do after surveying God’s wonders, as I do after every issue of The Behemoth, is rejoice—which is the theme of this issue’s poem (included in part because the third Sunday of Advent is celebrated in liturgical churches as Gaudete Sunday).

So, rejoice!

—Mark Galli, co-editor

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March 2018

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Issue 11 / December 11, 2014
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