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How Should a Christian View War?

This three-session study will help you and group think about important and intensely controversial questions that surround war, peacemaking, and terrorism.

Session One

Christian ...

Charles Colson on Social Responsibility

Unfortunately, many Christians would never think to talk about politics, homosexuality, or animal rights with other believers. These topics feel taboo, and in the name of unity, ...

Daniel: Faithful in All Circumstances

While we most often remember Daniel as the one in the lions' den, there was a lot more to his life. Throughout the first six chapters of Daniel, we learn about how to remain ...

Communication in Marriage

Communication problems are as old as Adam and Eve. In this 6-session course, we will explore what the Bible has to say about the obstacles and solutions to communication, how to ...

Bible Study Basics: The Letters of JohnBible Study Basics: The Letters of John
Live out the message of Jesus.
Money IssuesMoney Issues
Practical, biblical perspectives on managing money, tithing, and generosity
Forgiveness in the Hands of GodForgiveness in the Hands of God
True reconciliation occurs through confession and forgiveness and is possible only through Christ.
Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes SenseSimply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense
N. T. Wright explains the fundamental elements of Christianity.
Impacting CultureImpacting Culture
This study will help you and your group members determine how to relate to culture.
Love and Consequences: The Truth About Living TogetherLove and Consequences: The Truth About Living Together
Scripture has always extolled matrimony, andscience is starting to catch up.
Called to a Life of Mercy and JusticeCalled to a Life of Mercy and Justice
God's heart beats for mercy and justice, and so should ours.
Loving Muslims One at a TimeLoving Muslims One at a Time
Reaching out is easier, and more effective, than you may think.
Nehemiah: Learning LeadershipNehemiah: Learning Leadership
Help your group balance spirituality with down-to-earth action.
1 Peter: Walk the Talk (7 session study)1 Peter: Walk the Talk (7 session study)
Transformation—the process of becoming holy—begins in your mind.
Joshua: The Journey of a Faith WalkerJoshua: The Journey of a Faith Walker
Lessons on how to live a life of extraordinary faith.
Acts 1-12: God's Power in Jerusalem & JudeaActs 1-12: God's Power in Jerusalem & Judea
The Spirit that empowered the first believers is still working in your life and ministry.
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Counterculturally RelevantCounterculturally Relevant
A new way of thinking about how Christians can influence culture.
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Following God in Our WeaknessFollowing God in Our Weakness
Elijah: A man who overcame his lowest lows.
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Expectant PrayerExpectant Prayer
What should we expect from prayer, and what are our responsibilities?
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Bloom Where You Are PlantedBloom Where You Are Planted
Like plants in a garden, Christians too need to grow.
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A Community of the Broken
A young organization models what it might mean to be the church in a suffering world.

Several years ago, I made my first trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone, just as that country's civil war was winding down. One of my first stops was a camp for the war wounded.

During the war, nearly 250,000 people had their arms or legs amputated by rebels, ...

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Obedience and Awe
A meditation on Matthew 14
Obedience and Awe

What a day. It started with Jesus learning of John the Baptist's death and ended with him walking on water. In between was the feeding of the five thousand. What an emotional roller coaster. Down, then up, then down, then further down, then really up. ...

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Marriage has gone through profound changes over the last six decades, but we continue to speak about it as though it's the same old familiar pattern. Today's young people can listen to their grandparents tell how they fell in love, or what their first ...

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Many years ago I was walking in Newport Beach, a beach in Southern California, with two friends. Two of us were on staff together at a church, and one was an elder at the same church. We walked past a bar where a fight had been going on inside. The ...

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