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 Featured Bible Studies

The Jesus We'll Never KnowThe Jesus We'll Never Know
Christianity Today Bible Study
In the Christianity Today article "The Jesus We'll Never Know," author Scot McKnight points out that we all tend to remake Jesus in our own image. Depending on whom you talk to, there is not just one Jesus, but many. McKnight lists several currently in fashion: There is the "Jewish Jesus," who through historical studies has been set in his Jewish context. Then there is the "canonical Jesus," as interpreted by the writers of the New Testament. Next we have the "orthodox Jesus," the one further interpreted by the creeds and traditions of the church as "God from God, Light from Light," and so on. Finally we come to the "historical Jesus," a figure reconstructed from the gospels using narrow historical criteria such as the principle of "double dissimilarity" to decide which parts of the gospel accounts are true and which are false. Given all these options, what's a Christian to think … and believe?
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Creation CareCreation Care
3-Session Bible Study
This 3-session study on creation care looks at how respect for the Creator demands that we respect his creation. If we continue to destroy the world around us, we will take away opportunities for people to see evidence of who God is. This study will also look at what responsibility Christians have for God's creation. What is an appropriate biblical concern for the environment? And what should be done to preserve it?
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Understanding and Applying the BibleUnderstanding and Applying the Bible
Spiritual Formation Booklet
We grow in relationship with God as we see him in a variety of situations. How did God relate to Abraham in his walk of faith, to Joseph in the pit or in prison, to Moses in his disillusionment, or to the nation of Israel as she walked in the midst of intimidating neighbors? How did Jesus react to children? How did he relate to the Pharisees? How did he talk to God the Father in the garden? What did he say to those who nailed him to a cross?
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 Featured Spiritual Growth Bible Studies

Being the ChurchBeing the Church
Learn God's heart for the church and your place within it.
Can I Trust God With My Health?Can I Trust God With My Health?
Answer the tough questions about illness and stress that have a way of shaking our faith in God's provision.
James MacDonald on Being Dead to SinJames MacDonald on Being Dead to Sin
This Video Bible Study shows how to gain freedom from sin, day by day.

 Featured $1.99 Bible Studies

Who Am I?Who Am I?
Pull off your labels and become the woman God designed you to be.
Does God Always Bless Believers?Does God Always Bless Believers?
The answer to that question may depend on how you define blessing.
Christian Teens and SexChristian Teens and Sex
How we can help our kids deal with the temptations of sex.

 Featured Articles

Your Small Group Can Help People Affected by Mental Illness
Make your group welcoming and safe for all.
Amy Simpson

Why Small Groups Matter to Me
I've had a passion for small groups since my very first group.
Michael C. Mack

How can I develop my child's prayer life?
Raelynn Eickhoff

Small Groups on Mission
Why small groups are the perfect place to promote missional living
Carter Moss

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