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Loving Justice


These 12 studies challenge you to love justice as God does by working for justice in your everyday life.


Getting the Most Out of Loving Justice This section ...

Called to a Life of Mercy and Justice


Is the Christian life simply about cultivating a relationship with Christ in private? Or should that relationship compel us to acts of mercy and justice, making a difference ...

Christians and Social Justice

In this three-session course from Listen Up TV, your group will discuss what a Christian's repsonse to social justice should be. Included are three 23-minute videos that cover ...

Make a Difference in Your Community
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Make a Difference in Your Community

When we look at the world around us, making a difference can feel like a lofty, unachievable goal. Yet Christ calls us to lives of purpose that glorify him. Each of the videos in ...

What Every Christian Should KnowWhat Every Christian Should Know
Building up believers into the fullness of Christ must always be groun ...
Tim Keller on Practical TheologyTim Keller on Practical Theology
This study is based on sermons by Timothy Keller, the founding pastor ...
The Minor Prophets: God Still SpeaksThe Minor Prophets: God Still Speaks
Lead your group in experiencing God's sovereignty, holiness, and love.
God: The Great I AmGod: The Great I Am
Nothing is more important to our faith than knowing who God is.
Poverty and the BiblePoverty and the Bible
Effectiveness and faithfulness must characterize our response.
God is Love: No Buts About ItGod is Love: No Buts About It
Why do we find ourselves squirming at the announcement of God's love?
Theology in Aisle SevenTheology in Aisle Seven
The uncommon grace of everyday spirituality
Waiting for a Prodigal's ReturnWaiting for a Prodigal's Return
How can we graciously wait for someone to return who has walked away from the faith?
Daniel: Faithful in All CircumstancesDaniel: Faithful in All Circumstances
This 6-session study walks through Daniel's life and calls us to trust and obey God.
God's Nature: The TrinityGod's Nature: The Trinity
Learn about God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in this 3-session study.
The Gospel of MatthewThe Gospel of Matthew
Walk your group through Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and teachings.
Romans 1-8Romans 1-8
Break out of old patterns and become new in Christ.
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The Meaning of Church WordsThe Meaning of Church Words
We all say amen and hallelujah, but what’s behind these familiar words?
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A Man of CharacterA Man of Character
Timothy: A man who modeled his life after his teacher.
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When God Says NoWhen God Says No
Making sense of unanswered prayer
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Can I Trust My Bible?Can I Trust My Bible?
Discussing inerrancy and truth in Scripture.
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One side believes social action was unjustifiably divorced from gospel mission a century ago during the Modernist-Fundamentalist controversy. Voices on the other side recognize the goodness of seeking peace and wholeness for the suffering, but not at ...

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What You Need to Know About Depression, Suicide, and Mental Illness
10 resources to help those who are suffering
What You Need to Know About Depression, Suicide, and Mental Illness

Any time suicide is in the news, we're filled with a sense of loss. We mourn the loss of what might have been, and we grieve the loss of gifts and talents. Whether it's a celebrity or someone closer to home, suicide is always a tragedy.

With ...

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Living with Depression
Finding hope when life seems hopeless
Living with Depression

A gentle touch woke me. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and saw my dad standing beside the bed.

"Sweetie," he said softly, "your Grandma Louden passed away this morning."

A door slammed in my mind. The hollow echo left me in a dark, hopeless place.

Eighteen ...

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Dealing with Depression
First we must recognize the problem. Then we'll find the solutions.
Dealing with Depression

Snowy sludge. Gloomy noon skies. Christmas credit card debt. No new movies that are any good. By the time January arrives, many Christians are depressed. That means they wonder what's wrong with them—or their faith.

Neither mere January blues nor ...

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