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Christians and Social Justice

In this three-session course from Listen Up TV, your group will discuss what a Christian's repsonse to social justice should be. Included are three 23-minute videos that cover ...

Loving the Imperfect Church


A significant percentage of those who believe in Jesus Christ do not attend church. Maybe they think the preaching is poor, the people are unfriendly, the music is too old ...

How Should a Christian View War?

This three-session study will help you and group think about important and intensely controversial questions that surround war, peacemaking, and terrorism.

Session One

Christian ...

Christian Marriages: Ideal vs. Real


We often expect Christian marriages to be something bigger and better than secular relationships. Shouldn't Christian homes be peaceful and well-ordered, characterized by ...

Is Our Gospel Too Small?Is Our Gospel Too Small?
Authentic ways of believing, sharing, and living a rich gospel message.
The Gospel of John: Knowing JesusThe Gospel of John: Knowing Jesus
Identify the seven names and titles of Jesus that reveal him as the et ...
Going Deeper in PrayerGoing Deeper in Prayer
Learn how to communicate with God in a meaningful way.
John 1-12: Jesus, the Living Word of GodJohn 1-12: Jesus, the Living Word of God
Take a fresh look at Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.
A Marriage RevolutionA Marriage Revolution
How can the church recreate a biblical understanding of marriage in a secular society?
Stressed Out?Stressed Out?
The Bible has a lot to say about how we can handle stress.
God is Love: No Buts About ItGod is Love: No Buts About It
Why do we find ourselves squirming at the announcement of God's love?
The Problem with the Prosperity GospelThe Problem with the Prosperity Gospel
Yes, God wants to bless us, but not always in the ways we expect.
Bible Study Basics: The Letters of JohnBible Study Basics: The Letters of John
Live out the message of Jesus.
Job: God Is in ChargeJob: God Is in Charge
Learn about themes of suffering, wisdom, and trust in this 9-session course on the Book of Job.
Galatians: The Fruit of the SpiritGalatians: The Fruit of the Spirit
This 9-session course takes an in-depth look at the Fruit of the Spirit as identified by Paul.
Ephesians: You Are God's MasterpieceEphesians: You Are God's Masterpiece
In Ephesians, Paul tells us about several of God's loving desires for us.
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The Mystery of God's Freedom and GraceThe Mystery of God's Freedom and Grace
Why did an omniscient God create humankind knowing that so many would reject him?
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Letting Christ Transform UsLetting Christ Transform Us
John: a man who lived for Another.
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Forgiveness in the Hands of GodForgiveness in the Hands of God
True reconciliation occurs through confession and forgiveness and is possible only through Christ.
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The Gospel DefinedThe Gospel Defined
It’s not about what we can do for Jesus, or what he can do for us, but what he has already done.
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Rich lessons from the working poor

Unpoverty [uhn-pov-er-tee] -noun

1. the state of eradicating extreme poverty 2. the reversal of a perpetual state of deprivation 3. the provision of basic human needs Base word origin: 1175; Medieval English poverte Old French poverte Latin paupertatem, ...

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Am I Lustful, Gluttonous, or Slothful?
Spiritual formation is not just about reading your Bible and praying.
Am I Lustful, Gluttonous, or Slothful?

When we hear the expression "spiritual formation," we immediately think of meditating on Scripture, praying, journaling, and other spiritual practices. If, however, the goal of spiritual formation is that one's "whole spirit and soul and body be kept ...

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Sure, it's risky doing life together in a small group. But the rewards outweigh the risks. For many years on any given Sunday after church, I'd feel like Lisa Simpson, the daughter on the TV sitcom The Simpsons. As the Simpson family opens the door to ...

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A Community of the Broken
A young organization models what it might mean to be the church in a suffering world.

Several years ago, I made my first trip to Freetown, Sierra Leone, just as that country's civil war was winding down. One of my first stops was a camp for the war wounded.

During the war, nearly 250,000 people had their arms or legs amputated by rebels, ...

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