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James MacDonald on Being Dead to Sin

Forgiveness of sin is just the beginning of life in Christ. But the problem is that so many people stay there; they don’t move on. Jesus didn’t die and rise from the ...

Glorify God Together: A Marriage of Purpose

Overview A marriage centered on Christ is specifically focused on glorifying God, according to Rick Warren in his article entitled “The Purpose-Driven Marriage,” written ...

Raising Christ-Centered Children

Session One

Loving DisciplineHow can we discipline our children with unconditional love? Deuteronomy 6; Psalm 103:8-13; Proverbs 13:24; 22:15; 29:15-17; Colossians 3:12-17; Hebrews ...

The Gospel of Matthew

This study guide was designed to help a small community of people take a journey through the Gospel of Matthew. The lessons are loosely based on the book The Gospel of Matthew: ...

Spiritual Growth Assessment PackSpiritual Growth Assessment Pack
Evaluate your spiritual growth with these assessments.
Meeting JesusMeeting Jesus
Do you know the real Jesus?
No Wonder They Crucified HimNo Wonder They Crucified Him
Discover why Jesus was a dangerous man.
Are You Stuck in Sin?Are You Stuck in Sin?
Break free from sin with the power of Jesus.
Love that Brings Real ChangeLove that Brings Real Change
Loving others means meeting real needs.
Poverty and the BiblePoverty and the Bible
Effectiveness and faithfulness must characterize our response.
What Every Christian Should KnowWhat Every Christian Should Know
Building up believers into the fullness of Christ must always be groun ...
An Unremarkable TestimonyAn Unremarkable Testimony
Some of us can’t pinpoint a moment of conversion, and that’s okay.
Acts: Learning from the ApostlesActs: Learning from the Apostles
How to tap into the power of the Spirit
Discover the true meaning of prosperity.
Bible Study Basics: JamesBible Study Basics: James
Explore why and how our faith impacts our whole lives.
Ephesians: You Are God's MasterpieceEphesians: You Are God's Masterpiece
In Ephesians, Paul tells us about several of God's loving desires for us.
$1.99 Bible Studies
What's Fueling Your Anger?What's Fueling Your Anger?
Let's get to the source.
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A Marriage RevolutionA Marriage Revolution
How can the church recreate a biblical understanding of marriage in a secular society?
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Believe God Loves YouBelieve God Loves You
Does God really love us, even when we're angry with him?
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Called to a Life of Mercy and JusticeCalled to a Life of Mercy and Justice
God's heart beats for mercy and justice, and so should ours.
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Fighting Sin
It's not time to rest yet.
Fighting Sin

Most of us know the feeling of being all tied up inside. We get stuck in sin or just stuck in turmoil. And when we've tried to conquer something for a long time, it feels impossible to conquer it by ourselves.

God grants us moments when we get to taste ...

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He's Risen, Just as He Said
We all have a Mary Magdalene moment.

She awoke with the same ache, disappointed it wasn't a bad dream. He was gone. The one who knew her the best and loved her the most was gone.

Putting on her sandals, she was ready to go. It would be her last act of love. It gave her purpose to somehow ...

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The Value of Lent and Good Friday
Don't skip too fast to Easter morning.
The Value of Lent and Good Friday

On the Friday evening before Easter one year during high school, I filed into my friend's church and sat down near the back.

I'd never attended a Good Friday service before, and I was soaking in the details. The sanctuary was fancier than ours; it had ...

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Top Bible Studies for Lent and Easter
Find the perfect study for yourself or a group.
Top Bible Studies for Lent and Easter

I didn't grow up observing Lent. Now, though, I observe Lent each year, and I learn so much about God and myself in the process. I've found that Lent is much richer than simply giving up chocolate. In the past few years, I’ve fasted ...

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