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 Featured Bible Studies

Custom-Fit DiscipleshipCustom-Fit Discipleship
Christianity Today Bible Study
Too often we're offered five easy steps to evangelism or discipleship. And we eat it up. Because the truth is that evangelism and discipleship are messy. We'd much rather have a spelled-out plan to follow than figure it out as we go. But evangelism and discipleship require that we give up the easy step-by-step plans in favor of living life with people, building meaningful relationships, and following the Spirit's lead. Meaningful discipleship requires a custom fit.
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Dealing with Difficult PeopleDealing with Difficult People
4-Session Bible Study
Perhaps you identify with JoHannah Reardon when she writes, "I seem to be a magnet for difficult people. I always make the mistake of being overly friendly with everyone I meet, making them feel that I will accept all their faults and foibles. At times, the overabundance of difficult people in my life has been overwhelming, and I've wanted to retreat to a high mountain and live a monk-like existence." Like it or not, most of us will have to interact with difficult people at one time or another. This four-session Bible study course for groups will help you learn to deal with difficult people in an interactive and creative way.
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When We're Afraid to ForgiveWhen We're Afraid to Forgive
Christian Living Bible Study
As Christians, we are awed and humbled by God's gracious forgiving of our sin and failure. Yet we seem reluctant and sometimes rebellious when the Lord commands us to forgive those who have wronged us. Why do we hold back? What do we fear? Who suffers most when we hoard God's mercy for ourselves and withhold it from those whom we refuse to forgive?
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 Featured Spiritual Growth Bible Studies

Mark: Seeing and Obeying ChristMark: Seeing and Obeying Christ
Study the real Jesus and choose to follow him wholeheartedly.
This 10-session study digs into stories of friends who grew side by side.
Abiding in ChristAbiding in Christ
How to live a fruitful life.

 Featured $1.99 Bible Studies

The Meaning of Church WordsThe Meaning of Church Words
We all say amen and hallelujah, but what's behind these familiar words?
The Gift of BoredomThe Gift of Boredom
We fear boredom, but boredom can be the path to holiness.
Will God Protect Us?Will God Protect Us?
If God is faithful to protect his people, why is life still so hard?

 Featured Articles

Duct-Tape Disciples
What really sticks when leading a friend to Christ.
Carolyn Arends

Experience Group Conversation Prayer
How to turn your group prayers into a real conversation with the Holy Spirit
MaryKate Morse

Resolving Small-Group Conflict
What I've learned from my mistakes
Allen White

Leading with Integrity
How to live a life that matters
Ryan Hamm

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