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An Unremarkable TestimonyAn Unremarkable Testimony
Some of us can’t pinpoint a moment of conversion, and that’s okay.
Following Jesus Into the ArtsFollowing Jesus Into the Arts
Bringing real light to the lights of Hollywood
Troubled Minds: Responding to Mental IllnessTroubled Minds: Responding to Mental Illness
Discover how the church can—and must—help those who are struggling.
Knowing the Unknowable GodKnowing the Unknowable God
Knowledge of God begins by accepting its limits.
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An Unremarkable Testimony

Those who were raised in the Christian faith may have trouble narrowing down when exactly they first believed. From the time of their earliest memories, Scripture and church teachings ...

Following Jesus Into the Arts

Hollywood and Christians have historically opposed each other, going toe-to-toe in battles over traditional values, ethics, and more. Yet Hollywood has the power to shape culture, ...

The Bond of Friendship
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The Bond of Friendship


Many of us long for deep friendship. Perhaps you haven't admitted it, even to yourself, but the desire for someone other than your spouse to share the joys and sorrows of life ...

Troubled Minds: Responding to Mental Illness

Mental illness if far more prevalent than many realize. With one in four adults struggling with mental illness each year, there's no doubt that there are people in our churches ...

Marriage by God's Design


Among the fastest-selling books of all time, Fifty Shades of Grey has swept through the imaginations of American women "many of them married" with force. But such ...

A Truly Simple Life


Magazines, commercials, books, and Pinterest boards have tons of advice for leading a simple life. Magazine headlines scream at us: "Tips for Doing It All!" "10 ...

Called to a Life of Mercy and Justice


Is the Christian life simply about cultivating a relationship with Christ in private? Or should that relationship compel us to acts of mercy and justice, making a difference ...

God is Love: No Buts About It


When our discussions turn to talk about God's love, so many of us want to say, "Yes, but . . ." We want to make sure that sin isn't minimized and that ...

God of Wrath, God of Love


Many people look at the Old Testament and see an angry God of vengeance who would crush you under his heel for even a minor offense. Then they turn to the New Testament ...

Feeling Betrayed by God


It's easy to trust God when things are going smoothly. It's not so easy when life throws us a curve ball. As much as we hate to admit it, we often believe that good ...

Waiting for a Prodigal's Return


Nothing is more painful than watching someone we love leave the faith. Our emotions run the gamut from being angry to being ashamed. In this study, based on an article by ...

Adoption and the Local Church


Adoption among churchgoers is much more common than it was in the past. What does that mean for churches? How can and should the church help those who adopt. What benefits ...

Custom-Fit Discipleship


Too often we're offered five easy steps to evangelism or discipleship. And we eat it up. Because the truth is that evangelism and discipleship are messy. We'd much ...

Give Sacrificially


Who doesn't want more money? The pull is irresistible and can also be deadly for our Christian lives. As Craig L. Blomberg points out, we don't live under the Old ...

Love that Brings Real Change


Throughout the New Testament we read that Jesus asks his followers to love one another, to help one another, and to carry one another's burdens. Love is an action, not just ...

Enjoy the Silence


We have so much constant noise in our lives that we are often left trying to figure out how to connect with God. But once we discover the importance of slowing down long ...

The Origins Debate


For centuries, Christians have argued exactly what God did "in the beginning." If this were only a question of science, it would not be so contentious. But theology ...

The War on Women


"It's a girl" used to be cause for celebration. Now, it's a death sentence. War on Women exposes the problem of sex-selective abortion and the steps Christians ...

J.R.R. Tolkien


Millions of readers and movie fans worldwide know Bilbo Baggins. The title character of The Hobbit, and featured in The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo and his world of elves, ...

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a man who understood suffering. He traded the prominence of an aristocratic upbringing in Berlin for the unpopular roles of theologian and pastor. ...

1 – 20 of 162 Studies
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