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This Week's ThemeThis Week's Theme
Change Your Life Through Service
Experience the blessing of blessing others.

Follow the Path

Key Bible Verse: "Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else." (Mark 9:35)

Dig Deeper: Mark 8:34-38; 9:33-37

The way of service as the path to discipleship is usually not emphasized in our church culture. Making a big deal out of loving our neighbors ...

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Prayer for the Week
Lord Jesus, help me to see serving others not as a "Christian obligation" but as an exciting path to a truly fulfilling life.

Lions vs. Christians
Chris Lutes

One August morning in 1971 my parents and I packed up our blue Rambler with all my worldly possessions and headed off from my childhood home in Indiana to my new home in Ames, Iowa: Floor 5, Wilson Hall, Iowa State University. That's where I met another incoming freshman, a blond Easterner named ...

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The Idol Called 'Busyness'
Phillip M. Thompson

I remember reading in the late 1980s that because of computers and their productivity we were entering a world of limitless free time, a calm and creative age. Instead, our lives today have been consumed by the assumption that ever more frenetic work is just the way of the world. If you challenge this ...

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