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Paralyzed Athlete
This Week's Theme: Building Solid Marriages
William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn
Wednesday, January 17, 2001

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Key Bible Verse: In the same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies (Ephesians 5:28a).
Bonus Reading:Ephesians 5:25-33

When Ron and Cindy married, Cindy was the picture of perfect health. A fine athlete, she enjoyed a weekly round of tennis and played on the church softball team. However, after she began to experience numbness in her legs, she sought a medical diagnosis. The report came back with bad news—Cindy had a debilitating disease. Today she can barely move most of her muscles, and constantly fights depression because she must rely on her family to continually serve her. "I have the mind and motivations of an athlete," she confided. "Yet my body won't cooperate. It's so frustrating! I can only cope with each day by God's grace, taking one day at a time."

This wasn't what Ron expected to happen when he married a vibrant, healthy young woman. Together they've grieved the loss of Cindy's health, and it's been a constant battle to remain optimistic. However, Ron shared, "Our communication is at its deepest level ever." Rob has taken seriously his vows to love his wife "in sickness and in health." By God's strength he continually—day in and day out—models God's picture of a self-sacrificing, loving husband, and she a godly, supportive wife, to the best of her ability.

—William Cutrer and Sandra Glahn in Sexual Intimacy in Marriage


What are specific, tangible ways you can express your faithfulness to your wife? Pray for God to make you a good model for your children.

Thought to Apply:

Love does not say, "Give me," but "Let me give you."

—Jill Briscoe (speaker)Adapted from Sexual Intimacy in Marriage (Kregel, 1998).

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Prayer for the Week
Jesus, you are the great healer and restorer. Bind my family together. If I have suffered because of divorce, I ask you to heal our family from its pain and destruction. Please renew our hope.

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