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Bedside Vigil Question
This Week's Theme: Repenting
Bryan Chapell
Thursday, March 22, 2001

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Key Bible Verse: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son (John 3:16a).
Bonus Reading:Romans 8:31-39

A distressed father sat at the bedside of his comatose son, hurt playing basketball. At a crucial point in the game the 16-year-old lunged for an errant pass going out of bounds. As he toppled over a spectator's chair, one of its legs caught him in the stomach and damaged vital organs. Because he felt little pain, the teen continued to play the game's final minutes while he homorrhaged internally. By the time the pain grew enough to warrant a trip to hospital, it was almost too late. The doctors worked frantically to save him, but the outcome was uncertain.

Though the son eventually recovered, those awful hours of waiting for the slightest signs of recovery forced family members to ask questions they'd never before faced. The father was alone on his bedside shift one evening when the pastor visited. Trembling with emotion, the father asked, "Will God kill my son to punish my sin?"

"No," said the young minister, searching for words that would comfort and grant renewed trust in the God this father now so desperately needed. "The Lord's not punishing your son for your sin. He couldn't, because God punished his son for your sin."

—Bryan Chapell in The Wonder of It All


Thank God that He found a way to satisfy His justice yet redeem man.

Thought to Apply:

Salvation is not so much a matter of doing as appreciating what God has done.

—Richard F. Lovelace (theologian)Adapted from: The Wonder of It All (Crossway, 1999).

Prayer for the Week
Father, You sent Your Son to overcome the power of sin. Please make me clean—and help me to be free from my sin.

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