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Mirror Image
Theme of the Week: Bring Joy to the Heart of God
Monday, June 30, 2014

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Key Bible Verses: What is our hope? What is our joy? When our Lord Jesus returns, what is the crown we will delight in? Isn't it you? Yes, you are our glory and our joy. (1 Thessalonians 2:19-20, NIRV)

Dig Deeper: 1 Thessalonians 2:1-20

When my children interact authentically, get along, laugh, trust and love one another, I feel joy. I like it when they follow my set rules, but it's no substitute for this feeling.

Does God experience more joy when his creation, his people, follow a set of rules or when he sees his children, his beloved and cherished creation, connecting with one another and showing love to one another? This thought shook my world [a number of years ago]. I began to ask, [Does God experience joy … ]

  • when a dad gets down on the floor and wrestles with his children?
  • when a person stops the car to help another person change their tire?
  • when a worker thanks his boss?
  • when a dad makes breakfast for his children?
  • when a husband apologizes (sincerely) to his wife? God must rejoice in that!

[I have come to believe that] the joys I experience here in this life mirror the emotions and joys our heavenly Father feels and experiences because we are created in his very image.

—Rob Strong in The Big Guy Upstairs

My Response: What brings me great joy? What do I do that I believe brings God great joy?

Excerpted from the book The Big Guys Upstairs: You, Him, and How It All Works by Rob Strong. Copyright © 2013 by Rob Strong. Reprinted by permission of Jericho Books. All rights reserved.

Prayer for the Week
Lord, help me to carefully consider how I live my life before a watching world. Most of all, may the way I relate to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers bring joy to your heart.

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Curt Schleicher

June 30, 2014  9:17am

What brings joy to me is to be among his creation---in the Sequoias, or the Redwoods, or at the beach next to the powerful ocean--- brings my heart great joy. To see the first glimmer of sunrise or the final glimpse of sunset on the horizon. And as the thought comes to mind, every time i experience the full moon @ night and am able to share that moment with others brings me great joy. When i'm able to share these momentary glimpses of joy with others brings joy to God. Whenever,i share God's love with others , i believe this act brings God great joy.

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Grayson Schwarz

June 30, 2014  8:50am

True, and too often forgotten.

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mark cerretani

June 30, 2014  6:29am

Agree Anthony. It's great to think of him smiling upon us as we do our own children.

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ANTHONY Swaggerty

June 30, 2014  5:18am

Powerful " God enjoying and experiencing the Joy in which I experience" WOW Powerful image. I want this to be everyday, all day. Striving to ensure the mirror image is of His Character and Grace and Love always all the time. Anthony

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