August 4, 2007Leadership

No Longer a Pastor

Now that I am no longer a teaching pastor/elder at Lake Ridge Church, I miss preaching. And, it has only been three weeks.

That is not a good sign for future marital bliss-- since Mrs. Stetzer wants to find a church to attend and join as soon as possible!

But, simply put. I already miss pastoring. It just seems right to be in fellowship with other believers and to serve by using your spiritual gifts in the context of community.

Thankfully, I will have the opportunity to share in some churches in the coming weeks. My friend and, until he went the way of all flesh, co-worker at LifeWay, Mark Marshall, has invited me to come preach at his church (Clearview Baptist Church) (near Nashville) this Sunday.

Then, I will have the honor to preach at Ridgecrest Baptist (August 12th) in Jackson, MS and then at First Baptist of Norfolk (August 26th).

I will preach on "doubt" at Clearview (following Thomas in John 14:1-5; John 20:19-31) and on missional issues at Ridgecrest and First Baptist Norfolk (both messages from Acts).

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