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August 25, 2009Leadership, Missiology

More on Missional Small Community Training

Yesterday, I posted the video from my training in Oklahoma. I neglected to add the outline and notes, so I am posting them here. You can see the video here and the notes are below.

At the One Day web page, you can find those outlines, with "blanks" if you want to use them as training notes. Bob Mayfield tells me that 16 of the 273 churches have done their "One Day," but they have already trained over 2000 leaders. I am encouraged!

Missional Leadership

1) Reconsideration of Leadership

a) From superman to everyone

b) From church to kingdom

c) From me to we

d) From personal power to people empowerment

2) Rejection of Clergification

a) From three tiers to one mission

b) From "called to the ministry" to "called to ministry"

c) From "called to missions" to "sent on mission"

d) From exceptional to ordinary

e) From "priests" to a "priesthood of believers" codependence

3) Renewed focus on mission

a) From "full service" to "simple mission"

b) From "pay, pray, and get out of the way" to "join God on His mission"

c) From decisionism to disciple making

d) From "mission statement" to "Jesus mission"

Luke 4

Luke 19:10

4) Realignment of priorities

a) God is a missionary god

b) I personally join Him on mission - modeling

c) I lead others to join Him on mission - leadership

d) I equip others - multiplication

I hope that is helpful. Be sure to watch the video to get the context.

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More on Missional Small Community Training