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August 11, 2009Leadership

Pastor / Elder

Why I Am a Pastor/Elder

Some people have asked why I am now looking for my "next assignment". I have filled my full schedule with some local preaching and am looking for a place to join the pastoral leadership. Why? Here are several reasons:

1) God has called me to the office of pastor/elder.

I believe that I am called to serve as a pastor/elder. In this season of my life, that means I do so bi-vocationally. In other words, my full time job is President of LifeWay Research, but God has called me to be an pastor/elder, so I do that "on the side".

2) Too many people who do what I do forget about the local church.

I am surprised but it is often true; those who work for a denomination often fall in love with the denomination and forget about the church. Or, they are a speaker/writer and talk about the church when they do not struggle week to week with a church.

3) I need Christian community.

First, for someone like me, I need a Christian community that is not impressed with me as out-of-town-speaker boy.

Second, I need to be on a team. I want to be in team with a group that is committed to leading the church and changing the world. There is nothing like a team.

Third, I need to use my gifts in Christian ministry. I do not need to preach every week, but I do believe I am called to teach in a local church.

So, I am looking again for a church to join and serve. If I understand my gifting and calling, that will mean being part of the pastoral leadership team at a local church, preaching some as there is need. Please pray for me to find that right place. I am hoping to do that by January so I can settle in with my family and get to work on a team. So, until then, I am filling in for some friends and writing.

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