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August 17, 2011Leadership, Missiology

Missions and Missional at Desiring God

I am looking forward to speaking at the 2011 National Desiring God Conference, "Finish the Mission: For the Joy of All Peoples." Our friends at the DG Blog invited me to write a post and asked me how to connect the "missional" theme with "missions"-- and how we can and should embrace both for the glory of God.

Here are two quotes:

To say that being missional is to join God on his mission but then not identify what God's mission is, is to simply create a new word without any helpful focus. We should all rejoice with healthy missional churches as they are considering anew the nature of God as One who sends. But, the question then becomes, what exactly does he send us to do? It is fine, but never enough, to say we are to be about his agenda in the world. We must consider both the work itself and its scope.


One of the challenges in the missional conversation is that for many it's a rediscovery of the personal dimension of mission, but often leaves out the global dimension of mission. Correcting this problem is perhaps best found in going back to the origin of a missional focus.

Head over to the Desiring God blog to read the whole thing.

If you are planning on attending the conference, remember to register before August 31 before the final month price increase. You can also get a special rate due to our partnership with the International Mission Board.

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Missions and Missional at Desiring God