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December 9, 2011Humor

Church Signs of the Week: Amazing Grace

Earlier this week, we released some new data on perceptions of religious groups in America. One part of the survey that has brought on much discussion was the responses to "When I see (fill in denominational affiliation) in the name of a church, I assume it is not for me."

Some were surprised that their specific denomination was higher or lower that might have been expected-- especially in regions where they are most known. I can't help but wonder if church signs like this contribute to some of those negative impressions.

And yes, we edited the church names to protect the guilty innocent.

Thank you to Dan O'Day and Jonathan Howe for these.

With the Christmas season upon us, there will likely be some great holiday-themed signs out there. Don't forget to snap a picture and send your church signs of the week to me on Twitter: @EdStetzer.

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Church Signs of the Week: Amazing Grace