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November 2, 2011Leadership

What Does the Average Megachurch Look Like?

I spent the last two days with Vineyard megachurch pastors and preached at First Baptist Atlanta on Sunday-- so I have megachurch on the brain, I guess.

What does the average megachurch look like? I came across this infographic that draws info from Forbes, Christian Post and Leadership Network.

I found it interesting that megachurches continue to be growing churches. Much of this data is financial, but there is lots of helpful research that tells more about megachurches.

One fascinating statistic in this graphic is that megachurches are overwhelming in the evangelical tradition-- evangelicals are already the "new mainline," but when it comes to megachurches, they dominate.

[This has a lot of data, so you will want to click on the image to enlarge]

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What Does the Average Megachurch Look Like?