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September 27, 2011Missiology

Free Stuff: HCSB Bible Giveaways

This week on the blog I am giving away free stuff. I hope you don't mind.

Some of you will remember that I am a contributing editor to the HCSB Study Bible. Today I am giving an HCSB Study Bible AND an HCSB Minister's Bible to whomever can persuade me in the comments section what is the best feature of the HCSB study Bible. I pick … so get over it.

Also, this Friday at noon I will be hosting a live webcast and Facebook party sponsored by the HCSB. We are going to be taking a 'Fresh Look' at Bible translation, and giving away prizes to those who sign up on the HCSB fan page here.

Here is a list of prizes in the sweepstakes we are giving away Friday:

  • one $1,000 LifeWay gift card
  • three $500 LifeWay gift cards
  • an ECPA award-winning HCSB Study Bible
  • a pink HCSB pocket Bible
  • the about-to-be-released HCSB Life Essentials Study Bible
  • free content access codes for B&H's online Bible study tool, MyStudyBible.com

Sign up for the HCSB giveaway on Facebook by Thursday at midnight to be eligible, and don't forget to tune in online Friday to hear your name announced live on the air.

The HCSB is a translation I have grown to appreciate and use regularly in preaching and personal Bible study. Bible translations, particularly switching translations, can be a tricky thing. As Christians, we tend to be sentimental when it comes to our Bibles because we remember the phrasing of the words that transformed our lives. None of us are old enough to have grown up with the HCSB, but I do believe it is worth a look. There are a lot of really good English Bible translations, but I think the HCSB is the best balance between accuracy and readability.

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Free Stuff: HCSB Bible Giveaways