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July 31, 2012Leadership

Outreach Magazine

For the past few years, I've served as a contributing editor for Outreach Magazine. If you're working in ministry and don't subscribe, you really should. I'm not just saying that because I write in the magazine, but because it truly is one of the most valuable ministry tools available today. And if it wasn't, I wouldn't write for them.

Every issue of Outreach Magazine is loaded with articles, tips, tools, and resources for those in ministry. Those of you who get the magazine can attest that not an issue goes by that there isn't something you can use to improve either your church's outreach or your own personal outreach.

Now the fine folks at Outreach have revamped their website. It now includes a full archive including all of the columns I've written. You can find my author page here. And while you're there, you can subscribe to the magazine here.

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