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August 19, 2013Leadership

Morning Roundup 08/19/13

Egypt; Jesus Wars; Wrath of God
Morning Roundup 08/19/13

I've been growing frustrated at the media coverage of Egypt, but I am thankful that sources like Christianity Today (and others) are giving more of the story.

Regardless of what you may hear, the fact is that when the Egyptian Army took action against the protestors, radical muslims increased their attacks on Christians. The details are under dispute, but the attacks are clear as is the source. Islamists are, once again, attacking Chrisitans.

Christianity Today has more.

After Military Kills 500 Protesters, Islamists Take Out Anger on Egyptian Christians -- Christianity Today

Douthat has a helpful take on the newest Jesus controversy, which is pretty much a repeat of an older one, just given new legs from a viral FoxNews interview clip.

Return of the Jesus Wars -- Ross Douthat

Timothy George writes on many people's fear of the wrath of God.

No Squishy Love -- Timothy George

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Morning Roundup 08/19/13