December 26, 2013Leadership

Morning Roundup 12/26/13

Small Group; Holy Spirit as Person; Evangelicals and Race
Morning Roundup 12/26/13
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Two Days a Year in Small GroupEric Geiger

Eric and I are both thinking about small groups lately as we have a new book coming out, Transformational Groups. Take a look at this helpful post.

How Do We Know the Holy Spirit Is a Person?Justin Taylor

Good, solid theology from Justin. The Holy Spirit is not a force or an it, but a person.

On Evangelicals and Race: Two RecommendationsNathan Finn

Nathan Finn gives some good insights on race.

Elizabeth Drury, Mark DeYmaz and DJ Chuang joined Ed Stetzer in studio to discuss multi-ethnic and multi-cultural church, ministry opportunities and missteps and other issues on this episode of The Exchange. Don't forget to join me every Tuesday at 3:00 PM Eastern for The Exchange.

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Morning Roundup 12/26/13