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December 31, 2013Culture

New Year's Reflections from Around the Web

Jesus New Year Resolution; 10,000 Little Resolutions; Questions for 2013
New Year's Reflections from Around the Web
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At the end of every year, it's fascinating to read "Top" lists from around the Internet, what Christian leaders are saying about the New Year, and other year-end reports. Over the past week or so, I have featured my own Top Blogs of 2013. We even featured the top blogs from each of the most popular categories: Top Cultural Blogs, Top Current Events Blogs, Top Church Signs, and Top Church Trends Blogs. I also featured a post on Sunday called 10 Things on Thinking Ahead in the New Year, sharing some thoughts from Don Whitney.

Here are a few of my favorite year-end posts from around the Internet:

What Is Your Jesus New Year Resolution?Ron Edmondson

Trading One Dramatic Resolution for 10,000 Little OnesPaul Tripp

Questions to Ask for Reviewing 2013Brad Lomenick

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New Year's Reflections from Around the Web