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June 3, 2013Leadership

The Exchange

New blog name and a new blog home
The Exchange

Yes, my blog has a name and a new home. It's called The Exchange. Also, the blog has moved-- we are now located at Christianity Today. So, officially, the blog is "The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, a Christianity Today Blog."

Since I am now at Christianity Today, we can't call it EdStetzer.com, though that is now my personal site. Instead, we call the blog "The Exchange." EdStetzer.com will be more of a linking hub to connect with resources and other connections, including The Exchange Web Show, Facts&Trends magazine, LifeWay Research, and much more still to come. We are in the midst of propagating on DNS servers , so you may still see the blog at EdStetzer.com, but that will update soon.

Here's why we are calling it The Exchange:

First, the blog involves theology—not just theological posts, but a theological grid that undergirds what I write and do.

As such, what I write is unapologetically written through an evangelical world view that sees what God has done in Christ the event that changes everything-- in the universe and in my life.

In one of his more famous quotes, Martin Luther said:

He wrote that in regard to 2 Corinthians 5:21, a passage I love so much I co-wrote a book on it called Compelled.

So, I believe in a Christ-centered approach to life and ministry, where the Great Exchange is central, but also biblical theology matters throughout.

Thus, what I write is unapologetically driven by biblical convictions and, to be transparent, a pretty conservative evangelical worldview.

Second, it involves the exchange of information.

It's no secret that I am the President of LifeWay Research. As such, we exchange good and solid information, often based on research. So, there are frequent posts about research and the broader field of missiology. (I will post more on what missiology is and what a missiologist does.)

Research is generally in three types:

  1. Research about culture, generally sampling polls of people in culture.
  2. Research about pastors, generally sampling polls of Protestant pastors.
  3. Research about churches, using polls and analysis for best practices.

You can find more at LifeWayResearch.com.

So, this blog will exchange some helpful information.

Third, it involves an exchange of opinions.

I will share mine and you are welcome to share yours. I have opinions on an array of issues, and I share them. Sometimes they are helpful, sometimes I am probably wrong, sometimes they are controversial. But, I share opinion here. If you don't like opinion, you might not want to subscribe.

I'd encourage you do to the same. You can share your thoughts in the comments, where I will seek to engage more frequently.

Also, on Thursdays, I seek to exchange opinions with people who are not like me. As an anglo male, I am looking to introduce voices from people who are not-- so we do that in "Thursday is for Thinkers." We do have comment rules, and I shepherd the comment stream. In other words, the comment section is for discussion and dialogue, so if it is used for other things, we just don't publish the comment. Again, see the comment policy for details.

Throughout the week, I do book interviews so people can learn from others. They will also interact in the comments so more information can be exchanged.

And, lastly, I do a web show called The Exchange where I talk to church leaders and exchange ideas and opinions with them.

What's the Future?

That's The Exchange—and I'm glad to have you as a reader.

I'm also glad to be at the Christianity Today website. I already serve as a contributing editor for Christianity Today, so this is an easy and natural connection. And, Christianity Today is something of a "village green" (with thanks to Michael Horton for use of the phrase). In evangelicalism, we come out to talk to others that share similar ideas about the gospel and scripture, but we live in "homes" that are churches, and often with more distinct denominational beliefs. I'm glad to come out and talk by moving the blog to the village green of Christianity Today.

I look forward to the exchange.

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