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October 31, 2013Humor

Halloween Church Signs (Updated as More Come In!)

Just Truth; Holy Ghost; Fun-Sized
Halloween Church Signs (Updated as More Come In!)

Some might say you could add "No Fun" to this list.

I'm of the view that Christians might want to participate in trick-or-treating, as I explain in this post. However, I know that some do not, and they use their signs to tell about it!

Jesus Juking Halloween is just too easy sometimes.

Amen and amen. There is nothing "fun" about "fun-sized candy.

Just because it's true, doesn't mean you have to put it on your church sign.

For all of you dressing up as Harry Potter this year:

Preach it, random church sign dude! Preach it!

Thanks to Keith Pipes, Joel Black, and Jeremy MacDonald, Jeremy Lakes, Michelle Sledge, and LaurieAnn Wagner for sending these in. As always, send me your signs via Twitter to @EdStetzer.

Say, I'm not quite sure that Calvinists all get that it was Luther who did some big things on Reformation Day. Regardless, here's a Calvin pumpkin and information on how to make your own from……… wait for it……... Calvin College.

Feel free to send in more via Twitter to @EdStetzer and we will add yours to the list—but only if you took the picture. Thanks.

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Halloween Church Signs (Updated as More Come In!)