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December 18, 2014Leadership

Global Connect Brazil: Join Us in Planting Churches in Northeast Brazil

Would you consider partnering in gospel ministry in Northeast Brazil?
Global Connect Brazil: Join Us in Planting Churches in Northeast Brazil
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Last year, Grace Church (where I pastor) began a partnership in Northeast Brazil to spread the gospel and plant churches in the area. We drove about three hours inland off of the Atlantic coast and focused on the interior region of the state of Paraiba. (Paraiba is about the size of West Virginia.)

The population of the state is around 3.19 million people. Our main area of focus is known as the sertao, or the “countryside”, where only two to three percent of the population are evangelical Christian. There is great need there and we are launching a partnership to move into the region with several partners on the field.

I'd like you to be among those partners.

Here are some pictures:

Our church team spent a great deal of time sharing the gospel in this desert region, and here’s what I found: many families without income or hope of employment, poor living conditions, a large dependency on the use and trade of illegal drugs.

We also found loving, kind and gracious people, ready to welcome us and very open to hear the message we were sharing. Because of the friendliness, and graciousness of this culture, it is “fertile soil” for sharing the gospel and discipling those who are hungry for the hope that comes only from Jesus.

There are a lot of evangelicals in Brazil-- but most are in the cities and are more located in the south (Rio, Sao Paulo, etc.). This is the part of the country that is much less evangelized-- and where we want to go.

In other words, these are the lost sheep that Christ spoke about when he taught on the shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine to go find the one. We want to be the hands and feet that share the gospel who reach that one lost sheep.

Our local church has committed to send teams at least twice a year to continue the work that has been started. The strategy is not to simply share the Good News, but it is also to follow that up with discipleship, prayer support, and training up of Brazilian leaders.

We have also committed to send a family from our church there full time for three years to foster and grow this church planting initiative, receive teams from our partnering churches, and expand this ministry in the Northeast. For more information on the Simpson Family, our ambassadors on the field, and how to support them, please visit http://globalconnectbrazil.com.

As we come up on the beginning of the New Year, I want to invite you to be a part of a new resolution, a new movement in Northeast Brazil. I want to invite you to pray for the people and the area of the sertao. I want to invite you to make a resolution to be an agent of change this upcoming year by partnering with us in the mission of spreading the gospel in Brazil. Come along side us and help us to plant churches in Northeast Brazil to the glory of God.

If you'd be interested in partnering, I plan to take a group of pastors to Brazil this summer. We may also do a planning meeting here as we strategize to how to move forward.

If you are interested, please contact us at SimpsonsServingInBrazil@Gmail.com. We need key partners. Let's do this together!

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