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May 19, 2015Leadership

Morning Roundup 5/19/15

Speaking Well of Your Spouse; Pew Data; Immigration Research Webinar
Morning Roundup 5/19/15

Why Speaking Well of Your Spouse is So ImportantMichael Hyatt

Such good stuff from Michael Hyatt.

Decline and its complexitiesSteve Thorngate

Here is an analysis in the mainline magazine, Christian Century (one of my regular must reads). This may help make sense of the mainline response. As I mentioned in my CNN article, there is much to be concerned about in mainline Protestantism.

By the way, I am not one who rejoices in mainline decline.

Evangelical Immigration Table Research Webinar

I’ll be presenting some data today on this conference call. There is still time to sign up (if you are reading this in the morning):

Pastor, speaker, author and former NFL linebacker Derwin Gray joined Ed Stetzer in studio to share his story of coming to faith in Christ and how God called him to plant a multiethnic church. In this clip, Derwin shares what multiethnic worship looks like. Don't forget to join me every Tuesday at 3:00 PM Eastern for The Exchange.

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Morning Roundup 5/19/15