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May 26, 2015Leadership

Morning Roundup 5/27/15

The Catholic Church's American Downfall; The Evangelical Advantage; Overestimation of LGBT Community
Morning Roundup 5/27/15
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The Catholic Church’s American downfall: Why its demographic crisis is great news for the countryPatricia Miller

It’s all about polls today… First, take a look at how progressive writers use the data about Catholicism.

What is interesting is that other polls do not show the same trajectory in Catholicism.

Of course, if the numbers would have gone up, I’m sure that would have been spun differently. And, I wonder, does the fact that the number of evangelicals went up in the same survey mean anything?

The Evangelical AdvantageRod Dreher

And, then we look at the evangelical numbers (see earlier comments).

It’s, again, a fascinating counter to the evangelicalism-is-dying publishing complex. (By the way, Rod is Eastern Orthodox.)

Americans Vastly Overestimate Size of Gay and Lesbian PopulationBen Brody

And, one last poll that shows two things, as I see it:

1. How fast society is changing. The Irish vote is quite stunning.

2. How prevalent the conversation is mainstream culture and, perhaps the prevalence of LGBT characters in mainstream media.

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Morning Roundup 5/27/15