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Back by Popular Demand—Church Signs!

It's been far too long, back their back!
Back by Popular Demand—Church Signs!
Image: Seth Waldrop

It’s been way too long since we ran some good church signs. They never cease to end, though, and I think we all enjoy seeing them. So tweet me some good ones and we will get this feature started again. In the meantime, enjoy the ones below.

Thanks to @sethwaldrop and Oakland church for the reminder that we are both body and spirit! Neglecting either is a fool’s task.

Thanks to @ufmikeg (aka Michael Graham) for the reminder that cultural mainstays like the Hokey Pokey can indeed teach us life lessons (though we cannot neglect important things like proper spelling for pleasure pursuits!).

And thanks to @kylewillyou for submitting this excellent play on words. Time to put on the armor of Christ, people!

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Back by Popular Demand—Church Signs!