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October 20, 2020

A New Partnership with Reformed Church in America

A new graduate school cohort with emphasis on ministry leadership, in partnership with Reformed Church of America.
A New Partnership with Reformed Church in America
Image: Wheaton College/Reformed Church in America

Wheaton College Graduate School is very excited to share that we have engaged in a collaboration with the Reformed Church in America to train missional leaders in non-traditional ways. Our intent is to provide the traditional excellence of the Wheaton College Graduate School with a particular emphasis on ministry leadership, in partnership with the RCA. To do this, we will be creating a cohort of RCA leaders who will go through the program together, and will also be incorporating leaders from the RCA who are going to assist us in equipping these students and leaders.

The M.A. in Ministry Leadership allows leaders to grow in their Biblical knowledge and leadership skills as they continue to shepherd and grow their ministry. It’s designed to help any church leader translate theology into compelling practical ways to serve their people.

Students do not generally relocate, but the degree is delivered in modular (one week) courses at Wheaton and on location, in addition to online course options.

Although M.A. students share the same hunger for growing in biblical knowledge and ministry skill, they also bring a variety of viewpoints and experiences, coming from different backgrounds. We believe RCA students will see the value of collaboration and learning in an evangelical context that values the ministry training of men and women from different cultures and environments.

Author and speaker, Ann Voskamp, is among a group of leaders in ministry who have recently decided to become students again through Wheaton College’s School of Mission, Ministry and Leadership. I’ve interviewed her here, along with Christine Caine with Propel here, and James Meeks with Salem Baptist Church here, to give others a feel for the program.

Ann has this to say about why she believes in the importance of pursuing this educational experience:

“Spiritual formation is ultimately the result of what we let form us. Our spiritual formation is informed by the information we allow to shape and form our days. And to humbly ask and sincerely search our hearts: Are we most informed by social media streams, or most informed by a stream of scriptural truth? Being formed, and reformed, and made cruciform through the biblical wisdom of Wheaton that formed the likes of Billy Graham and Nate Saint and Jim and Elizabeth Elliot is to humbly and genuinely choose a spiritual formation that has proven to impact the nations and generations.”

The M.A. in Ministry Leadership focuses on three key areas: mission, Bible and theology, and leadership. World-renowned faculty train Christian leaders for challenges they face in a constantly changing culture. The program includes a core of gospel, church, and culture, providing a missional core of mission and theology, along with practical ministry and leadership training.

The coursework is in modulars and online, so leaders can continue their ministry where they live, serve, and lead. Over the course of the program, the cohort will gather twice each year to learn and collaborate in person.

“This cohort gives motivated leaders the opportunity to stretch their capacity toward deeper and wider missional innovation and practical equipping,” says Jill Ver Steeg, the RCA’s chief operating officer.

The partnership will create cohorts of students who choose to grow and learn with other RCA leaders through a unique program that allows them to stay active in their world and ministry. The cohort provides opportunities for study, conversation, and involvement with other participants during classes. Students have the opportunity to be part of a unique cohort specifically for RCA leaders where you can earn an M.A. in Ministry Leadership from Wheaton College Graduate School. You will take classes one at a time together online, with a generous scholarship toward your tuition for a full cohort of 15 or more.

For more information about this program the partnership and the Wheaton College Graduate School, please visit this website. If you have questions, please email mml@wheaton.edu

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A New Partnership with Reformed Church in America